‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ comes home

While the Dublin featured in Brendan O’Carroll’s debut film Mrs Brown’s Boys: D’Movie is sun-kissed and colourful, last night’s world premiere in the Savoy cinema had a sodden red carpet and rain-soaked O’Connell Street instead.

‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ comes home

But it didn’t matter a whit to the exuberant O’Carroll and his jubilant crew who looked so happy their enthusiasm became contagious.

A dapper-looking O’Carroll arrived with his glamorous blonde wife Jenny Gibney in tow — to riotous applause.

The star said it was a dream come true for him and that they were all really going to enjoy the night, which had his family members out in force.

“This is a very emotional time for me. It’s also an absolutely unbelievable time for me. This is one night I will never forget,” he said.

Actor Rory Cowan, who plays Mrs Brown’s flamboyant son Rory in the series, later revealed: “Brendan was determined to hold the world premiere in Dublin. They wanted to have it somewhere like London, but Brendan stuck to his guns and won out in the end. It’s a Dublin movie after all. It had to be here.”

RTÉ star Joe Duffy was also there. Joe actually has a cameo role in the movie, although he was critical — in a self-effacing way — of his performance.

He said: “I’ve seen it already and I think I’m dreadful in it. I couldn’t even manage to get my own accent right!”

TV3’s leggy Glenda Gilson provided plenty of glamour on the night, while other celebrities and sportsmen also attended.

The partying continued into the small hours at a secret after-screening venue.

It was the night that one of Dublin — and indeed Ireland’s — favourite sons came of age. Good on him!

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