Six-year-old Abbie ‘lucky to be here’ after dog attack

This is the gaping wound six-year-old Limerick girl Abbie Cuddihy suffered when she was attacked by a large dog while out playing.

Six-year-old Abbie ‘lucky to be here’ after dog attack

She underwent surgery at Limerick University Hospital and received 17 stitches to her head and face. Little Abbie also got bite marks to her arm and shoulder.

The fierce 12-year-old American Akita dog who carried out the attack was put down and a Garda investigation is under way.

Abbie was playing on her scooter with a friend on a green near her home at around 6.30pm on Wednesday when the dog attacked after she rubbed him as he lay on the ground.

Abbie Cuddihy showing her head wound. Pic: Press 22

Back home in Lynwood Park yesterday, Abbie, sitting on her mum Donna’s lap said: “I have two little dogs, Buddy and Tyson, and they are nice dogs and my friends. When I was out playing I rubbed the other dog and he growled at me and then I rubbed him again and he bit me on my head and my shoulder and he then just walked away. There was blood. I was crying and my friend, Lauren Jackson, helped me. In the hospital I had to get 17 stitches and the nurses were very nice. I want to be a nurse now. I was very sore. I’ll be getting my stitches out soon as well. Mammy was crying and saying it was not my fault.”

An American Akita dog, belonging to a family in another estate, was put down by gardaí and an investigation is being carried out.

Anthony Johnston and Donna Cuddihy with Abbie. Pic: Press 22

Abbie’s mum Donna, a 23-year-old hairdresser, said the dog regularly strayed into their area on his own.

“When I saw Abbie after a neighbour brought her home I was very devastated. She was bleeding heavily. She was very brave and she was calming me down as we rushed her to hospital in the car. She’s lucky to be here. But it shouldn’t have happened in the first place,” she said. “This dog is roaming around all the time. We used call him the big giant, because he wouldn’t look at you, but you would be frightened of him because of his size.

“Abbie got stitches on her head and face and has puncture wounds on her arms and shoulder. I hope the scar heals, she’s still young. She is very lucky he didn’t get her eye. The hospital were brilliant and Garda Neil O’Gorman from Henry St [station] was lovely.”

Donna said she will have to keep Abbie home from St Bridget’s or about two weeks until her stitches are removed.

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