Trumps insist they have Irish in their hearts thanks to two nannies

They have German, Scottish, and Czech blood pumping through their veins but the billionaire Trump family insist they have more than a little Irish in their hearts thanks to their two long-serving Irish nannies.

Trumps insist they have Irish in their hearts thanks to two nannies

Dorothy Curry and the late Bridget Carroll, both from Kerry, were an integral part of the Trump siblings’ childhoods and told them much about the country where they’ve just made their latest acquisition in the shape of the Doonbeg Hotel and Golf Club in Clare.

“We heard so much about Ireland from a young age,” Donald Trump Jr, 36, the eldest of Donald Trump’s five children, said on a visit to Doonbeg yesterday.

“Dorothy is over here very often and we have been to her home place. She still lives with our family in the US and has been a very big part of our lives. [Ireland] always felt a little bit close to home.”

He isn’t the first Trump sibling to wax lyrical about the Irishwomen who helped make their house a home when mom number one, Ivana, and pop were busy attending to their property empire.

Eldest daughter and former model, Ivanka 32, wrote in her book, The Trump Card, in 2010: “In fact, outside my parents, I’d have to say my biggest childhood influences were Bridget and Dorothy, the two wonderful Irish nannies who looked after us.”

Stressing that the green in their hearts was as much as the green in their wallets was probably not a bad strategy for the Trump entourage as they arrived in Ireland fresh from controversy in Scotland.

Donald Trump reacted badly this week to losing a court challenge to a wind farm development he claimed would breach his human rights by spoiling the view from his luxury golf complex 3km away.

Announcing he was dropping multimillion-euro plans to extend the complex and spending his dollars in Ireland instead, he compared wind farms in Scotland to the Lockerbie atrocity in 1988 when a terrorist bomb exploded onboard Pan Am Flight 103 over the Scottish village, killing 270 people.

Donald Trump Jr stayed away from the subject when he spoke on Today FM, instead giving assurances that Doonbeg would get the Trumps’ personal attention and that its character would not change despite plans for an extension.

“It’s not that we bought a trophy estate. We are going to be very actively involved and we will be there very often. Nothing’s going to change. It’s not going to turn into a private members only kind of thing.

“It’s always going to be open to the public. We are always going to welcome that.”

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