Zig and Zag bounce back to profitability

Business on Planet Zog bounced back last year as Zig and & Zag’s production firm recorded a 51% jump in accumulated profits to €184,146.

Ronan McCabe, managing director of the award-winning Double Z Enterprises, confirmed yesterday: “We bounced back last year and we had a good year.”

Zig & Zag Enterprises Ltd (trading as Double Z Enterprises) recorded a 43% drop in accumulated profits, from €214,362 to €121,786, in 2011. Last year, accumulated profits rose from €121,766 to €184,146.

Mr McCabe said: “That is the nature of the business — it is cyclical and you’re only as good as your next show. For companies like ourselves, you have to be out there hustling all of the time for new business.”

The return to profit coincided with Zig and Zag’s creators, Mick O’Hara and Ciaran Morrison, celebrating 25 years as the characters after they debuted in 1987 on Dempsey’s Den.

Mr McCabe said the firm will record a profit again this year, boosted by producing a number of documentaries for RTÉ fronted by Maia Dunphy.

Mr McCabe said: “Maia has worked for the firm for the past 10 years behind the camera as producer and is now on screen. Maia is very good and the documentaries she presented have been very well received and we are hoping to produce more of them next year.”

However, one Double Z series that will not be returning is comedian PJ Gallagher’s Trojan Horse, which was broadcast by Channel 4 this year. Mr McCabe said: “It did OK, ratings rise, but is not going to get a second season. It is disappointing.”

RTÉ will be broadcasting a Christmas special of Zig and Zag’s bloopers and Mr McCabe said the firm is continuing to work with CBBC on producing a &cartoon for the duo.

The firm is also behind Podge and Rodge, and Mr McCabe said the business is working on a movie script that has the support of the Irish Film Board.

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