Developer refuses to apologise over Priory Hall death

Disgraced developer Tom McFeely has refused to apologise to Stephanie Meehan, whose partner Fiachra took his life over the Priory Hall scandal.

Developer refuses to apologise over Priory Hall death

The controversial figure took the stance after being confronted over a series of scandals by reporters in London.

When asked to apologise for the shocking death, which has led to renewed calls for action against those behind the firetrap Dublin development, the former Provisional IRA hunger striker simply replied: “For what?”

Weekend reports said he then launched an “unprintable” tirade against the grieving woman, who has been left to bring up her seven-year-old son Oisin and two-year-old daughter Cerys alone.

“Tom McFeely did not build Priory Hall. Tom McFeely’s company did. Tom McFeely didn’t,” he said.

Mr McFeely, who last year told the High Court he has just €1,160 to his name and is facing €200m in debts, also claimed he knows nothing about the €200,000 found under the bathroom of his former home by a plumber last month.

During the incident, which is currently being investigated by the Criminal Assets Bureau, the money — made up entirely of €50 notes — was found hidden beneath the floor of his former home on Ailesbury Rd in tightly wrapped plastic bags.

The developer said the money was not his, and claimed it may have been planted by gardaí in order to blacken his name.

“What money? Was there money under the bath? It’s not mine.

“I’ve as many contacts in the Special Branch as the fucking Special Branch has.

“I was told by a man last Saturday that they are going to attach the money to a robbery and if I wasn’t in the country when the robbery occurred, I’ll be done for money laundering.

“Now that’s what I was told by a fucking Special Branch out of Harcourt St. Listen to me. The Free State is fucking corrupt.

“It is so corrupt it is unbelievable,” Mr McFeely said.

He said he will never spend a day in jail in the “Free State”, adding that he believes he is also being unfairly treated by the media.

“All these people confront me in different places.

“Confront is an ugly word, but if you confront someone where I come from you get a dig in the fucking mouth.

“That’s what happens where I come from. You confront someone where I come from, you’ll get a dig in the fucking ribs, you know?”

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