Robbery victim, 89, may never return home to sister

An 89-year-woman who was attacked during a terrifying robbery at her home may never leave hospital again.

Robbery victim, 89, may never return home to  sister

Isa Arthur and her sister Susannah (Suzy), were robbed on Jul 3, after three men forced their way into their home in Co Donegal.

Susannah was flung viciously to the ground and broke her hip at the sisters’ farmhouse in Feddyglass, Raphoe.

Isa, 91, did not suffer any serious injuries but was very shaken following the terrifying ordeal.

It was the sixth attack on the elderly sisters’ home.

Now, the women’s nephew, Joe McKean, revealed that Susannah, who was very independent despite her age, may never be released from Letterkenny General Hospital due to her injuries.

“It is looking now very unlikely that Suzy will ever get out of hospital, she has badly broken her hip and obviously will never be able to get around like she could.

“She was a very independent woman prior to this callous attack but she might never make a full recovery from this injury. As we know, at her age any ailment is harder to shake of than that of a younger person, but to sustain such an injury at her age will probably result in Suzy being in hospital until she dies,” he said.

“It is very sad, and after such an attack her sister Isa, who is back living in the house, is obviously afraid this could happen again so I’m staying with her at the moment. It will be heartbreaking for her to know that her sister may never return home to live with her again. They were both very independent woman before this attack and it’s very sad to see the damage caused by these despicable cowards.”

Susannah’s sister Isa said she misses her terribly. “I try to get in to see her but I am not young either. It has always been the two of us and now this has happened. I can just hope that Suzy gets out and that we can get back to living our lives together.

“We have some lovely family but we have always been so close. I don’t know what I am going to do,” she said.

Gardaí are still carrying out investigations into this callous crime that shook a community. They are seeking a Northern-registered silver Ford Focus seen in the area at the time. It is believed it was the same men who called to the women’s home earlier on the day of the attack asking if they wanted their house painted.

Isa kindly gave the men a drink of water but refused them entry to the house when they asked to use the phone. Gardaí think the men did not realise there was a second sister in the house at the time.

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