Cork hurling legend rules out run for office

Seán Óg Ó hAilpín has dismissed suggestions that he may take a shot at a career in politics.

Cork hurling legend rules out run for office

The Cork hurling legend, who was a guest speaker at the fourth annual Sinn Féin Summer School in Baile Mhuirne, in Cork last night, said he was too busy with work and sport.

“I don’t see myself in politics because I’ve a busy schedule with my work life and with my sporting life. People try to gauge whether I’ve an interest or not, but I haven’t been officially approached,” Ó hAilpín said.

“I think there are certain people cut out for politics, but I’m not. So I don’t see myself going down that road.”

He also spoke about language and culture and how important they were to his identity.

Joanne O’Riordan, who was another of the guest speakers, received a standing ovation for her speech entitled ‘Disability and Identity’.

The Millstreet teenager outlined her aspirations for Irish public services to follow the lead of the Swedish model in terms of using hotels to free up hospital beds.

“The Irish health system is grand once you get in, but getting in is the difficult part. What struck me in Sweden was that there was no such thing as beds in the corridors, whereas in CUH there are often people eating their dinners next to you,” the teenager said.

“If you have an operation in Sweden and you’re alright the next day, they can put you in a bed in a hotel near the hospital and they’ve a doctor on standby at all times.

She also hoped that there would be a way of making more jobs available for people with disabilities and for a loan or graduate tax system to be introduced for third level entrants, so they can pay for their education once they are in employment.

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