Election ban motion passed

Ex-ministers and TDs who “abandoned” Fianna Fáil in the last election and chose not to contest seats, will not be allowed to run again under a motion passed at the ard fheis.

Batt O’Keeffe, Noel Dempsey, and Dermot Ahern were among the senior members who “saw which way the wind was blowing”, according to delegates, and decided not to “stand with or stand for” the party in what was became its worst ever election performance.

“You were not with us during our two years of difficulty and you cannot represent us because you do not know and have not journeyed through the difficulties,” said Catriona McClean of Dublin Mid- West, who proposed the motion.

If they were wondering what they could do now to help the party, “you might donate your pensions to St Vincent de Paul”, said Ms McClean.

The motion did not apply to the old guard who contested seats and lost — such as John O’Donoghue and Mary Hanafin — or those who stood aside at the request of the party leadership to maximise the vote for another candidate, such as Noel O’Flynn.

Meanwhile, church gate collections will continue after a motion to stop the practice was amended.

They can be held, but an alternative fundraiser must be provided in the area.

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