Paranormal team sets up in milk market

A group of paranormal investigators have spent a night in Limerick’s Milk Market to follow up reports of strange, dark happenings at the 200-year-old city centre gathering place.

After a weekend visit, four members of Ghost Hunt Ireland are now going through 10 hours of CCTV gathered from cameras they brought with them.

David O’Brien, manager of the market which draws thousands every Saturday, said several people had reported unexplained experiences, including a security guard who got a very strange feeling recently on opening the market gates at 4.30am.

Breda Duggan, founder of Ghost Hunt Ireland, said he group had recorded numerous “spikes” on its CCTV system when it went to investigate.

One of the group was awoken by loud activity coming from their recording equipment shortly after bedding down in a sleeping bag at about 5am.

Ms Duggan said: “With a history of more than 200 years, something has to be there. We are greatly looking forward to reading all the data from our equipment after a very interesting night in the market.”

During their visit, she said they repeatedly called out in an attempt to reach any spirits present.

If there is paranormal activity in the Milk Market, Ms Duggan said it appears to be male.

The team reportedly received a high response from the name “Daniel” as well as the name “Tom”.

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