Twitter founder spills the beans on Jobs

IF you want a job with the one of the hottest young internet companies around, the first thing you’ll have to figure out is: Why am I here?

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was speaking in Dublin last night and said he feels it is important for company founders to interview staff and said he stole an interview question from Apple founder, Steve Jobs.

The first question Dorsey asks any potential employee is: Why are you here? He said he’ll know from their answer if there’s a spark and if they are going to work in the company.

Dorsey also said Twitter is just scratching the surface of what it can do and can grow to one billion users. He launched Twitter three years ago and said he will never step back from pushing the site forward and believes it’s the future of communicating.

He said the company, which employs 300, plans to grow and expand.

The young entrepreneur said he wasn’t expecting Twitter to be so successful so fast and said the US Presidential election was the turning point for Twitter.

Twitter has 165 million users worldwide and aims to grow to one billion.

Dorsey was speaking at the Dublin Web Summit which took place over the last two days.

It was running alongside another event called Founders, which was an invite only event, and boasted speakers such as Mary Robinson and Peter Sutherland.

Niklas Zennstrom, who set up Skype, said he has seen a buzzing technology community in Ireland.

“There’s no reason why the next big internet company can’t come from Ireland,” he said.

One of the less well-known attendees at the conference was Indian internet multi-millionaire Divyank Turakia, now 28, who started his Directi business at the age of 16.

The businessman, who is reportedly worth $300m (€215m), said he was investigating whether it would make sense for his company to be based in Ireland.

There were rumours that he jetted into Ireland with his girlfriend whom he met at Disneyland and booked out the presidential suite of the Westbury Hotel to upstage Lady Gaga who is in Dublin this weekend.

Also speaking at the event was Chad Hurley. He announced at the event that he was stepping down as CEO of YouTube to take on an advisory role with the company.

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