Zfm: Zig and Zag land their own show

RTÉ have devised a ploy to keep burgeoning radio egos in check — they’re putting puppets in charge of the show.

The newest additions to the 2fm line-up are old telly favourites Zig and Zag who will be back twiddling the dials from this Saturday.

The irreverent aliens, who first landed from the planet Zog in 1987 when they took up residence on Dempsey’s Den, are taking over the weekly 10am to midday slot which of late has been occupied by Tommy Tiernan and Hector Ó hEochagáin, Damian Farrelly and a host of other fill-ins.

Farrelly and Ó hEochagáin have since been allocated early morning programmes and clearly no one else was able to flex their zogabongs quite like the Z brothers for whom every creature comfort is being rolled out.

The troublesome twosome won’t even have to get up early or rinse out their furry tongues with mouthwash to prepare themselves as their shows will be pre-recorded — at least for the first few weeks so that they have time to adjust to the new schedule (and presumably so that libel lawyers have time to monitor the content).

And they won’t have to share studio space with mere mortals as they’ll be broadcasting from their own Zogmobile which will allow them host their show from any location. “We can even broadcast from outer space or the bottom of the Specific Ocean,” Zig revealed.

In fact, they’ll hardly have to interact with RTÉ menials at all as the programme is made by independent production company, Double Z Enterprises, responsible for initially coaxing Zig and Zag down from Zog and later for uncovering other star siblings such as Podge and Rodge.

The show is called Smells Like Saturday, though apparently this is not a reference to the hosts’ preoccupation with the olfactory system which once prompted them to accuse then president Mary Robinson of having smelly feet live on air. “It’s the most fragrant radio show you’re ever going to hear,” said Zag.

Although Zig and Zag have been on the circuit for almost quarter of a century, they insist they still have the street cred to get with the young folk. “We’ll have lots of cool music and mayhem,” Zag said. “Banging tunes,” Zig confirmed.

Smells Like Saturday promises lots of erudite discussion of celebrity gossip, intellectual challenges like sausage spotting quizzes and mind-broadening encounters with guests such as a hit-picking tortoise.

Ryan Tubridy, who fills the mid-morning slot on weekdays, is said to have taken to triple-jobbing as TV star, radio host and author out of concern that he might be outshone. Dave Fanning reportedly said: “If this lark had gone on in my day, U2 would never have been discovered.”

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