Baby Daniel fights for life after further surgery in Swedish hospital

A NEWBORN baby from Cork who is fighting for his life at a Swedish hospital underwent further surgery on Sunday after doctors became concerned about the positioning of tubes in his heart.

Daniel Collins from Gurranabraher has undergone three procedures in recent days in Stockholm as he fights a rare form of the Adenovirus which is impacting massively on his tiny body and making it impossible for him to breathe unassisted.

Adenoviruses are a frequent cause of acute upper respiratory tract (URT) infections. Daniel contracted a rare form of the virus which is causing massive complications.

Daniel was born on June 24 in Cork University Maternity Hospital, a perfectly healthy baby. He woke on July 1 with a high temperature.

His mother Deirdre brought him to the family doctor who acted quickly and sent him directly to Cork University Hospital (CUH). Tests showed a slight spot on his lung and he was kept in for observation on the first night to monitor his temperature.

However, as the days went on, his temperature remained high and he began to deteriorate.

The infection slowly affected his other organs and on July 10 the doctors thought that they could do no more for Daniel.

Doctors in CUH’s neonatal unit contacted Dr Palle Palmer in the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr Palmer is a specialist in extra corporeal membrane oxygenation. A team from Sweden came to Cork in the early hours of July 11 and performed a heart and lung bypass operation on Daniel.

The operation was successful and Daniel was transferred to the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm a few hours later to facilitate his continued assessment by specialists. Daniel’s parents, Deirdre and Vincent, then travelled to be with their son.

Daniel’s uncle Kenneth Collins says with this type of virus it will take many weeks for him to recover.

He has undergone three operations in Stockholm arising out of complications regarding blood clots. On Sunday evening he had to go in to theatre because the tubes that were in his heart had gone too far down. Mr Collins said it is a very worrying period for the family.

“They had to bring the tubes back up again as they had gone too far down. But thankfully he is stable again. My sister Pamela went out to Sweden this morning and I booked flights for two weeks’ time to go out to Deirdre and Vincent.”

While Daniel’s medical care is covered by the HSE and the hospital in Sweden is providing accommodation for his parents, family and friends have started a fundraising initiative to cover their general costs.

Members of the public interested in contributing to the fundraising efforts should contact Kenneth Collins at A designated bank account will be set up soon.

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