X-rated Enda and a naked Taoiseach offer some cheeky delights

THERE was only room for one blonde blueshirt in the Dáil yesterday, and Enda Kenny was adamant it was going to be him.

Uppity Deputy Lucinda Creighton was noticeable by her absence from Leader’s Questions, which at least saved her leader more questions as to why exactly she had stormed out of a Fine Gael parliamentary party meeting in protest at his “patronising” comments about her. The normally mild-mannered Mr Kenny had put both the blue and the shirty into the blueshirts as he not only upbraided Ms Creighton at the gathering but also launched an F-word-laden rebuke against another of his troopers, Ulick Burke.

However, those hoping for a repeat performance were disappointed in the Dáil as he kept his powder dry and his questions clean.

But then the Fine Gael leader of the opposition — or the leader Fine Gael are in opposition to, depending on your point of view — did have another behind-closed-doors showdown with his backbenchers to get through after the televised bout with Brian Cowen, so may have wanted to save his potty mouth for then.

But now we know that Enda is indeed a four-letter word, how long will it be before Enda-the-obscenity-bringer asserts his alpha male side in the chamber?

Given that Mr Cowen has already had to apologise for deploying the F-word in the Dáil when he did not realise the microphone were still live, this could see the Oireachtas descend to a whole new level which really puts the coarse into political discourse.

The idea of next week’s post-budget debate turning into a battle between Podge and Rodge is really the last thing this country’s international reputation needs following on from the worldwide attention given to the naked portraits of the Taoiseach which kept popping-up in unsuspecting Dublin art galleries.

Lucinda may have been this week’s passing political frenzy, but Mr Kenny and Labour were still trying to get their pound of flesh over the semi-nude caricatures of Mr Cowen.

“We just want the bare facts,” one cheeky Fine Gaeler insisted as even Mr Cowen could not avoid a broad smile at his own expense.

However, Ceann Comhairle John O’Donoghue was in no mood to see the funny side and moved in hard to spare the Taoiseach’s blushes as he ruled the subject out of order.

The British House of Commons may be reeling at the moment over the use of CS gas to break up an altercation behind the Speaker’s chair and news the Home Secretary claimed for adult movies on her expenses, but at least the Oireachtas can hold its head high against the mother of parliaments in the bad taste stakes with a naked Taoiseach and an X-rated Enda to delight in.

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