G-Shot volunteers to reveal all tonight

TWO Irish women who received an injection to boost their sex life will reveal all on RTÉ’s Late Late Show tonight.

The treatment involves injecting collagen straight into a woman’s G-spot, rather like lip-plumping jabs.

It costs e1,300 and will be available at a Dublin clinic from Monday. It is also expensive as the effects only last about four months.

The injection, called a G-Shot, has featured on the TV series Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle.

The collagen used is only approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for facial use, but is used ‘off-label’ by doctors to treat conditions in the genital area.

The two women volunteers, aged 35 and 57, will appear on the show with cosmetic surgeon, gynaecologist and G-Shot creator, Dr David Matlock.

Director of G-Shot Ireland, Niall Boylan, said patients are given a local anaesthetic before 1.5cc of collagen is injected.

“It is no more painful that a cervical smear test,” said Mr Boylan, who holds the distribution franchise in Ireland.

“For many years men have had Viagra and other aids to help with their sexual experience and now, finally, women have a chance to give their sex life a boost,” he said.

Mr Boylan said the jab was 87% successful but that results vary. “It does not work for every single woman but has a very high success rate,” he said.

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