Priest attacks rural pub for employing topless barmaid

A PRIEST has hit out at the hiring of a topless barmaid at a pub in his rural Limerick parish.

Barworker Yasmin works topless every Thursday night at Browne’s pub in Montpelier. Publican John Joe Fitzpatrick said his topless barmaid has gone down a treat with customers and she is helping bring back business lost after the drink driving laws came in.

Fr Brendan Kyne said yesterday that anywhere there is exploitation of the human person, it can never be condoned.

Fr Kyne said: “This behaviour is wrong and you have to ask the question: Where does the development of the business go from here? There is a certain worry here of the knock-on effects. What is next?”

He had been contacted about it by concerned local people who did not want a local business to develop like this one.

Fr Kyne said: “People are trying to raise families and children in the area and give them a good example.”

A Limerick spokesman for the trade union Mandate said the topless bar worker should get premium pay for going topless in a pub environment.

He said: “This might be seen in some pubs as an added attraction and they should get an additional payment for that. It would not give them an unfair advantage, but would determine the rate of pay for the job they do.”

Their concern was if a person was exploited and they would like to ensure this would not happen. Whether it was the right way to attract customers, he said, remains to be seen.

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