Interpol called to help locate convicted rapist

INTERPOL were last night called in by gardaí to help hunt down Brazilian Adriano Kiel, 27, who failed to turn up for sentence at the Central Criminal Court yesterday following a conviction for raping a Limerick hotel worker on January 26 last.

After being found guilty in a unanimous verdict by a jury of four women and eight men, Judge Paul Carney adjourned sentence to yesterday and allowed the guilty man out on bail.

During the seven-day trial at the Central Criminal Court sitting in Limerick, defence counsel for Kiel said the rape happened at a hotel staff party which he described as a “riot of sex and drink”.

The party was held on December 2, 2003.

Kiel denied raping the woman, aged 23, who worked in the same Limerick hotel as him.

They were attending a sports and social club staff party in the Clare Inn Hotel in Newmarket-on-Fergus.

The party was organised for workers at another hotel in Limerick where Kiel and his victim worked.

Kiel, a native of Brazil, who lived in rented accommodation at The Grange, Raheen, knew his victim from work.

The trial heard he knew that she had become drunk during the party and left her colleagues to go to bed.

After she retired to bed, a male colleague, not Kiel, who was sharing the room with her, also went to bed having taken a lot of drink.

The trial heard that later that night, Kiel and another non-national hotel worker went to the reception and asked for the key to the room of the victim.

The two spoke Portuguese. One was overheard saying he would have sex with the girl and the other would have sex with the guy.

The rape victim said she remembered sitting on the bed after phoning her boyfriend.

She then remembered waking up and a man was on top of her having sex.

This person left the room.

The man in the other bed said he slept through the attack and only remembered waking up with a number of gardaí standing over his bed.

During the course of his evidence, he said that as far as he was aware he did not have sex with another man.

However, he said that at one point on going to the bathroom he found something like semen or a lubricant in his back passage.

When questioned by gardaí, Kiel denied having sex with the woman in the Clare Inn.

However, a DNA test proved that he had sex with her.

Faced with this evidence, Kiel, accompanied by a solicitor, made a statement admitting having sex with the girl in the hotel bedroom. However, he claimed it was with her consent.

He said he had denied having sex initially as he did not want to cause upset to his partner.

This was the sixth rape trial heard by the Central Criminal Court since it commenced sittings in Limerick just over 18 months ago and it was the only one in which a guilty verdict was returned by the jury.

There was surprise among gardaí that the court allowed Kiel out on bail pending sentence given that he was a non-national.

A condition of his bail was that he had to sign on every day at Henry Street garda station.

However, he last signed on February 26.

Last night gardaí sent out identity pictures and other details such as fingerprints to polices forces around the world through Interpol.

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