Greens see red at Podge & Rodge axe

WELL, it shows you how much of an uphill battle is facing the Greens.

Labour complained when it couldn’t get Pat Rabbitte onto Prime Time because of Michael McDowell.

Yesterday, it was the turn of the Greens, who complained when it couldn’t get Trevor Sargent on another prime time show because of - erm - two nasty and foul-mouthed little puppets.

The Green Party leader was due to appear on Podge and Rodge, a cheerfully cheap programme whose bilious little hosts make cheerlessly cheap remarks at the expense of their guests. But Mr Sargent’s office was told that he was being cancelled. Trevor is usually mild-mannered. This rejection seems to have made him snap.

The previous day Mr Sargent told the Dáil climate change may reduce the global population to one billion by the end of the century.

Yesterday, he turned to equally weighty matters, mocking Podge and Rodge as “gutless and spineless”.

“The Green Party believes Trevor Sargent’s withering attack on Minister Michael McDowell at the weekend, left RTÉ wondering if Sargent might be too hot to handle for the diminutive bachelor interviewers,” said a statement from the party.

“Podge and Rodge have become famous by embarrassing their guests with their schoolboy humour. However, Sargent, who was a primary school teacher before entering politics, feels no amount of schoolboy rudeness could embarrass him.”

Double Z, the company behind the terrible twins, revealed a simpler answer Mr Sargent was shafted.

“Jodie Marsh (a model renowned for wearing next to nothing) became available. Somebody had to go.”

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