Jennifer Rock: The greatest advice I heard is if you are well, your relationships will be too

This Much I Know: The Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock
Jennifer Rock: The greatest advice I heard is if you are well, your relationships will be too

Jennifer Rock. Picture: Moya Nolan

I grew up in a simplistic, loving, home by the seaside in North County Dublin, close to where I live now. I always felt like my family believed in me and they’ve always supported me. 

Losing my dad has shaped me to be the person I am today like no other event I’ve experienced. It changed my world in an instant, as I’m hugely family-focused, and altered the entire dynamic of my life. It’s given me perspective on the importance of love, life, health, and the fact that there is no such thing as certainty. That bleeds into everything I do.

It’s really important to me that I live close to where my mam is, especially since my dad passed. I always tell the story of when she took me for my first facial at the age of 13. It really sparked my first interest in skincare.

I definitely think I was born to be in my line of work. I adore the communication aspect of my job. I love relaying information that might potentially help people feel their best in their own skin. Creating products that cater to a clientele that I listen to carefully, and observing what’s missing from their routine, has always been a dream of mine.

My proudest achievement is my son, Matthew Rock. He is a kind, gentle, witty young soul and he is the best thing I’ve ever made. He’s 17 now and adores skincare. In fact, he can be even more meticulous than me at times. We have weekly facial nights together and his friends all take supplements and use topical skincare. He’s known as a skincare nerd amongst his pals and gives them mini consults in school.

I feel my greatest quality is my desire to always improve myself. I believe self-awareness is key within the relationships you have — with yourself, with your family, and in work. I have three solid best friends that all have different elements that I lean on them for, depending on the situation. One is more spiritual, one is more factual, and the last is my giddy go-to, with a hint of realness. They are like family to me. My partner and my mam will always be the first to get the call for any life decisions or circumstances that need true analysing though.

 Jennifer Rock. Picture: Moya Nolan
Jennifer Rock. Picture: Moya Nolan

The greatest advice I have ever been given is that if you are well, your relationships will be too. This resonated with me first as a parent and second as a leader, with all other aspects being influenced by this too. I hadn’t really thought of my approach to life and what I wanted from it before. I hadn’t asked myself how I wanted to turn up and be in a relationship. I always thought about how others were impacting me. I realised that well, actually, I have to start with me — how I act and what I want to be. I feel that attracts the type of behaviour I am looking to attract in return. 

Many, many, things surprise me. The power of TikTok is definitely one of them. I knew it was huge but I’ve only recently realised how colossal of an impact it has on so many industries. The Skin Nerd is not yet on TikTok but we’re joining Clubhouse. I think the audio aspect of Clubhouse and the fact I can use it as an education platform is a little more in my comfort zone. But that’s not to say TikTok won’t follow, I just need to learn to dance!

From time to time, I surprise myself too, with my strength through difficulties. With the right support in your life, the most challenging times are more than doable.

This might be a bit clichéd, but one of my goals is to ensure I’m fearing what is right to be feared. I think we all have to be afraid sometimes and fear is a powerful emotion that can motivate you in different manners. However, I try not to let the fear of the unknown inhibit me in day-to-day life.

If I took a different fork in the road I think I may have been a children’s television presenter. I’ve always been enamoured with being on TV. It’s the glamour and finesse of it all. I think I have the right amount of energy to have hosted The Den.

I’m best at being a thinker. Not in an over-confident way, just in that I’m best at visualising concepts and steering things towards the way the brand needs to be at work. It depends on which aspect of my life I’m being remembered for, but overall I’d like to be remembered for being energetic, innovative, fair, determined, and assertive.

The lesson I would like to pass on to others is that in life there is always a way. It’s not about dreaming about it, anyone can dream. It’s about empowering yourself to make it a reality. There’s no better person to do it than you.

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