Life Hack: How to easily clean your microwave to banish splatters and smells

When life gives you lemons, clean your microwave
Life Hack: How to easily clean your microwave to banish splatters and smells

It’s easy to see lemon and water is a popular hack to clean a microwave

When’s the last time you looked closely at the inside of your microwave? Chances are, those splatters and spills have accumulated and you have quite a mess on your hands - particularly on the roof of the microwave.

Luckily, there is a myriad of ways to tackle even the most deep-set grime and ensure your appliance sparkles once more. Just avoid using bleach: not only is it pungent, but it can also damage the plastic interior of many microwaves.

How to wipe it clean when you think you need to scrub 

There is a famously easy trick to keeping your microwave fresh and clean and it’s easy to see why it’s a popular hack. Simply add lemon, lime or orange slices to a bowl of water, making sure to squeeze some of the juice into the water too. Add a splash of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to the bowl as well. Place the bowl inside the microwave and ‘cook’ it on high power for a few minutes until the water boils and the door’s window fogs up. Let it cool for five minutes but ensure the door is not opened in that time. Once five minutes have elapsed, open the door, remove the bowl and wipe the surface clean and dry. 

Say so long to pongs 

If there’s a noticeable smell each time you open the microwave door, don’t fret. We’ve all left popcorn in there for too long and been confronted with a lingering stench but that can easily be combated with the classic go-to of baking soda. For just-created smells, leave the microwave door open to allow the smell to dissipate. Often, this is enough for the smell to be gone permanently. If it lingers, place a bowl of baking soda inside the microwave and close the door. Leave it for an hour or more (ideally overnight) to absorb the smell.

Removing more challenging stains 

For any caked-in food stains, sprinkle some baking soda around the bottom of the microwave, focusing it on the problem area. With a damp cloth, wipe the baking soda into any stains inside the microwave. Wipe the remaining baking soda away with a wet cloth and repeat if necessary.

Keep doors grime-free 

With so much food being handled around the microwave, it’s no surprise the microwave door can become a grubby spot. Dip a damp sponge in some baking soda and use this to clean the entire door, including its edges, interior and exterior, and seals. Wipe with a damp cloth. For tougher dirt, particularly on the door’s glass, mix equal parts of water and vinegar and use this to clean the door. Rinse it with water and wipe dry. Vinegar is a great choice for this job as it has both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. 

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