Sunday’s TV tips

Here's what to watch on TV tonight.

Sunday’s TV tips

Animal Mums (UTV, 7pm)

Mums are, by and large, fantastic – whether they’re human, or come from the animal kingdom.

It’s the latter who feature in this new, three-part documentary, which offers an insight into the maternal instinct of various species, from aardvarks to gorillas, and elephants to otters.

The opening episode takes a look at what happens immediately after birth, as mother bonds with her offspring while attempting to feed and protect it.

There’s amazing footage of herd animals - such as horses – ensuring their baby is made to feel at home among its peers as soon as possible, while at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, keepers reveal what happened after a gorilla gave birth to a sick baby following an emergency c-section.

Big Blue Live (BBC1, 7pm)

New series. Matt Baker, Liz Bonnin and Steve Backshall present a three-part series observing the wide variety of sea creatures that gather in California’s Monterey Bay, including many endangered species.

Liz discovers why the area attracts so many animals, Steve goes in search of humpback whales and Matt watches a shoal of 25,000 sardines.

Plus, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall investigates the conservation of endangered species, and looks at the history of whaling.

Featuring contributions from scientists working at local research centres.

Dragons’ Den (BBC2, 8pm)

Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, Sarah Willingham and Nick Jenkins pass judgment over more business propositions.

First they quiz an Anglo-French duo about a hair-raising business venture, before a mother of two invites them to sample some vegetables that have been cunningly disguised.

Finally, an eccentric scientist invites the quintet to help him mix up a strange slimy concoction as a way of demonstrating his ideas.

But will he convince the panel that his business experiment is worth backing?

Time Crashers (Ch4, 8pm)

Time travel is, sadly, available only as a theory or in science fiction. But the celebrities featured in this new, six-part series are about to experience the next best thing.

Ten of them will ’crash-land’ into different moments in British history, with Tony Robinson as their guide. Stripped of their celebrity status, they will have to deal with whatever is thrown at them in their new time zone.

Taking part are Kirstie Alley (yes, THE Kirstie Alley – the one from Cheers), Fern Britton, Louise Minchin, Zoe Smith, Meg Mathews, Keith Allen, Greg Rutherford, Charlie Condou, Jermaine Jenas and Chris Ramsey, and they get the ball rolling in 1588, where they become servants in a great manor house.

Elizabethan etiquette, however, proves to be difficult to master.

The Gleneagle (RTE One, 8.30pm)

From ballet to bingo, country to comedy and snooker to sean nós there’s always something happening in the hotel. It’s like a cruise ship on land – a party that never sleeps.

It’s Christmas in Killarney and the busiest time of year with a packed schedule of special festive events and of course a visit from Santa. And for New Year’s Eve the 3,500 seater INEC is sold out for Country and Western heartthrob Nathan Carter.

Jack Taylor: Shot Down (TV3, 9pm)

(2013) Blaming himself for Cody’s shooting, Jack Taylor (Iain Glen, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Downton Abbey’) is working on anything that keeps him far away from Galway.

While wrapping up a job on the outskirts of Dublin one night, he encounters Róisín, an 11year-old girl who appears to be running for her life.

She is covered in blood and collapses in his arms. Something in Róisín’s eyes draws Jack to visit the travellers’ camp where she lives with her family.

He discovers that her mother Sinéad was murdered a few days ago, and he senses that the girl witnessed something which has left her traumatised and which she has blocked from her memory.

He is also concerned that she may be in danger, having heard pursuing footsteps the night that he found her. Most of the travellers believe that Eddie Mangan (Karl Shiels) murdered his wife, but Jack is not so sure and offers to stay and help find the killer.

He feels a strong connection to Róisín and believes that he can eventually persuade her to talk. Will he be able to get through to her in time?

Starring: Iain Glen, Killian Scott, Karl Shiels, Hazel Doupe.

Partners in Crime (BBC1, 9pm)

Part two of three. Tommy and Tuppence feel certain they have identified the spy staying at the Sans Souci – only for their suspect to turn up dead.

They realise he was also looking for the secret agent, who may have resorted to murder to keep his identity secret.

The couple each have very different ideas about who the killer is, with Tommy pursuing a shifty beatnik, while Tuppence goes after a mysterious woman travelling alone.

Confused by the case, Tommy lets his guard down and unwittingly walks into a trap.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (BBC3, 9.00pm)

(2010) Inspired by the best-selling video games, this action-packed adventure sees Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) and brothers Tus (Richard Coyle) and Garsiv (Toby Kebbell) head for a fortress controlled by Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton), rumoured to be the source of weapons for enemies of their father King Sharaman (Ronald Pickup). During the assault on the fortress, Dastan acquires a mythical dagger which allows the holder to reverse the flow of time.

Dastan is then framed for the murder of his father and is forced to flee for his life with Princess Tamina in tow as his brothers vow to kill him in return for their father’s murder, spurred on by their nefarious uncle Nizam (Ben Kingsley).

The outlaws realise that the only way to unmask the real killer is to manipulate the dagger and turn back time.

Les Miserables (Channel 4, 9.00pm)

(2012) Former convict Valjean (Hugh Jackman) has reinvented himself as a factory owner in Montreuil-sur-Mer, where one of his workers, Fantine (Anne Hathaway), is cruelly cast out when the foreman learns she has an illegitimate daughter, Cosette (Isabelle Allen).

Determined to raise the money to support her child, Fantine sells her hair and then her body as she sobs I Dreamed A Dream. Valjean discovers Fantine close to death and agrees to raise Cosette as his own.

So the story moves on a further nine years with revolutionary fervour sloshing through the grimy streets of Paris, inflamed by students Enjolras and Marius.

The latter falls under the spell of Cosette (now played by Amanda Seyfried), unaware that Thenardier’s daughter, Eponine, adores him from afar...

Snitch (Channel 5, 9.00pm)

(2013) Ric Roman Waugh’s slam-bang actioner follows John Matthews (Dwayne Johnson), the manager of an American construction firm who left his first wife Sylvie (Melina Kanakaredes) to begin afresh with Analisa (Nadine Velazquez).

Out of the blue, John receives a panicked telephone call from Sylvie: their son Jason Collins (Rafi Gavron) has been arrested in possession of enough drugs to earn him a decade behind bars. In an attempt to gain his son’s freedom.

Matthews agrees to go undercover for the DEA and an ambitious District Attorney (Susan Sarandon) in order to capture the drug barons making their lives a misery.

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