A Coppers Gold Card could be yours for €250

A guy from Dublin is selling that most-coveted of items over on Adverts.ie - "lifetime VIP membership to the holy grail of the Irish nightclubbing scene". Also known as a Copper Face Jacks gold card.

A Coppers Gold Card could be yours for €250


For those not in the know, the card entitles you and a friend free access to the Dublin nightclub - and to skip the never-ending queues - "seven days a week, 364 days a year".

They are usually only given away on Thursdays to five lucky winners.

The seller Hurley21explains why you should shell out:

"I have had the privilege of owning this piece of plastic for the past three or so years in which time I have saved myself and my friends thousands of euro in cover charges and hours spent queueing in the rain. As you can see, you simply cannot put a price on one of these things. I am only selling this on as I have two and don't want to be greedy anymore. "

That's nice of him. He also advises that only dedicated patrons of Coppers should apply.

"No silly offers, it's worth a lot more to the right person, if you go ten times before schools are back you'll have already made a return on your investment! Please don't buy unless you go every week, it would be such a waste!"

If you want to make an offer, head over to Adverts.ie.


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