Podcast Corner: Sexual experiences and four other shows to catch this week 

Ruby Rare explores various kinks, while Adam McKay talks basketball 
Podcast Corner: Sexual experiences and four other shows to catch this week 

Ruby Rare is a sex educator who presents the In Touch podcast.

If you have an interest in  US media,  you may listen to the Press Box podcast and are familiar with the concept of the notebook dump, when a reporter lays out all the titbits from a team’s season or the little details from a big news event that didn’t make it into the main pieces. 

Well consider this the podcast feed dump — there are so many shows that have built up but which we haven’t got around to talking about in this column. Here are some highlights as we worked through it in the past few weeks.

Death at the Wing

A basketball show that’s really about how the US got to where it did today. Narrated by Adam McKay (Don’t Look Up, The Big Short), the eight-parter is ostensibly about the death of NBA stars in the 1980s and ‘90s. But whether it’s the cocaine crisis that claimed the life of Len Bias or Benji Wilson and the increasing flood of guns in Chicago, McKay takes aim, in particular, at Ronald Reagan and the proliferation of a ‘me, me, me’ culture in 1980s America. It’s brilliantly done.

Wild Thing

A long-form, narrative podcasts about the obsessions that capture our imaginations. Season one, from 2020, comprised 10 episodes about Big Foot, the evidence for and against and why we want to believe. Season two looks to space and asks if there’s really anything out there. Season three, released in May, uses science, history, and culture to probe the realities of nuclear energy, from the atom to Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Broken Doors

A six-part investigative series about how easy it is to plan, obtain, and execute no-knock warrants, one of the most intrusive and dangerous police tactics in the US. For anybody who enjoyed — if that’s the right word — David Simon’s We Own This City over summer and wants more insight into the power wielded by the police, Broken Doors, released in April, fills the gap.


Launched in March, science enthusiast Rick Edwards and actual real-life science Dr Michael Brooks answer questions you didn’t know you needed to be resolved. Episodes include: Why do humans like music? What’s the fastest we’ll ever be able to travel? and Could we live without blood? Informative for young and old alike.

In Touch with Ruby Rare

A documentary series released at the start of the year that saw sex educator Ruby Rare draw on her own personal and professional experience, as well as talk to experts, porn creators, and her parents, to explore sex and sexuality. With episodes on nudity and kinks, it’s probably NSFW but is enlightening and interesting.

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