5 things kids of today might not know about The Den

Have your blue bucket at the ready, and keep your eyes peeled for a Ted invasion - the nineties kids' staple is on RTÉ One for the winter
5 things kids of today might not know about The Den

"The Den" is due back on back on our screens this September. Picture: Twitter -@RadioRayRTE

'I don't believe it' — if you're of a certain vintage then you know that a pair of boisterous aliens had this catchphrase long before Victor Meldrew uttered it.

1. It is over 30 years since The Den first aired

Well, believe this: 33 years after Zig and Zag first beamed onto TVs across the country, they're making a comeback.

Yes, that after-school staple for thousands of kids — and college students intent on dodging lectures — The Den is returning to our screens.

Their erstwhile 'handler', Ray D'Arcy, confirmed this bit of excellent news on his radio show.

2. All our favourite friends are returning to the show

It is understood that negotiations are still continuing with agents acting for Captain Pillowcase and Cousin Nigel.  And let's wait and see for Socky and Snotser.

3. It's a show helmed by very stylish aliens

They're aliens from the planet Zog. Zig is beige with red 'zogabongs' and a tuft of green hair. Though he prefers to be described as 'fawn'. Zag is purple with green spots and has yellow zogabongs. They have a fondness for cucumber and custard and have a puppy called Zuppy. They are adept at foreign languages, well the phrase 'ou est le Centre de Georges Pompidou?' anyway.

4. Zig and Zag tell the best jokes

Their mission here was humour — they love puns and jokes.

A classic joke from Zig and Zag: What's blue and white and sits in a corner?

A fridge in a denim jacket!"   This one even became the title of a bestselling book of theirs: The Fridge in a Denim Jacket. Another piece of Zig and Zag-related literature was Revenge of the Nellie and Dial 'D' for Dustin.

5. The Den gave us Dustin The Turkey

Ah yes, Dustin the Turkey.  The howya, wheeler-dealing, wise-cracking, no-nonsense turkey. He really came into his own after the alien pair left for Britain. Though they were friends, he didn't pull any (feathery) punches and accused them of "selling out to the Queen". Not that consorting with the Queen was their only brush with fame. They famously interviewed President Mary Robinson. Dustin nearly caused a diplomatic incident though by suggesting that she had smelly feet.

The first episode of The Den aired on this day in 1987  - henceforth known as #zigandzagday. So it's really fitting that the comeback has been announced today.

We'll bring you more details as we get them. But, for now, let's just wallow in the nostalgia and look forward to the first Sunday in November at 6.30pm on RTÉ One.

By hook or by crook, I'm definitely getting my Findus crispy pancakes for tea with a Wham Bar for dessert on that momentous day!

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