Roddy Doyle penned the sweetest tribute to the late Bill O'Herlihy

"He made me happy."

Roddy Doyle penned the sweetest tribute to the late Bill O'Herlihy

Tributes have

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But this one from writer Roddy Doyle is our favourite.

Written as part of his ongoing Facebook series of short stories that imagine the conversation between two men in a pub, it sums up how we all feel about Bill.

Text in full:

-See Bill O’Herlihy died.

-I can’t believe it.

-I know – . Same here.

-I can’t - . He was brilliant.

-The best – him and the other lads. The best thing on telly.

-He was one o’ those people - . Did yeh ever meet him?

-No, but I know wha’ yeh mean. It was like we knew him.

-An’ liked him.

-Loved him.

-He took the football seriously.

-Like politics.

-Exactly. He took us seriously.

-He’d have the lads riled up an’ you’d flick across to ITV an’ there’d be

ads, and yeh’d flick back to Bill an’ the lads would still be shoutin’ –

an’ yeh’d flick to BBC an’ they’d be analysin’ Thierry Henry’s fuckin’

cardigan. An’ back to RTE an’ Bill an’ the lads would still be talkin’

abou’ football.

-No shite or fashion statements.

-Except Bill’s ties.

-D’yeh know what it is - ? He made me happy.


-After watchin’ him. I might be shoutin’ at the telly. But I was always


-You can’t say more abou’ the man, really, can yeh? He made us happy.

-Okey doke.

-Good night an’ God bless.

The post has been like over 39,000 times since last night with many commenting that they couldn't have said it better themselves.


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