Five things you may not know…

…about Lincoln star Daniel Day-Lewis.

Five things you may not know…

He has been getting rave reviews for his portrayal of Abe Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s new biopic, but did you know the 55-year-old was once voted by Empire as the 11th sexiest person in film?

Here are five other Day-Lewis facts you probably haven’t heard of.

1 His eastern European roots

Now we all know DDL has dual citizenship, but were you aware of his eastern European connection? His mother, Jill Balcon, comes from a family of Polish and Latvian descent. Maybe that’s why Mel Gibson said Day-Lewis was ‘too European’ when he was initially lined up for the lead role in Passion of the Christ.

2 Enduring pain for his art

During the filming of Gangs of New York (in Italy!), DDL became quite ill and had to be forced to take antibiotics by doctors. Why did he get sick? He refused to wear a warmer jacket for outdoor scenes because the jacket ‘didn’t exist’ in the 19th century. Instead he wore what co-star John C Reilly called ‘threadbare’ clothes.

3 The Slim Shady effect

Also on the set for Gangs of New York, Day-Lewis used to prepare himself for certain scenes as Bill the Butcher by making himself angry while listening to Eminem. Imagine if he was in 8-mile.

4 He’s also quite good with his hands

Day-Lewis is a trained cobbler, having worked as one in Italy for a time in the early noughties, and woodworker. However, he only turned to acting when he could secure an apprenticeship in cabinet-making.

5 The Marilyn Monroe connection

Now we’re not trying to say Day-Lewis is the next Kevin Bacon, but there is an interesting family connection with Marilyn and it doesn’t even take six degrees. The two are connected through Arthur Miller, the playwright most famous for The Crucible and father-in-law to DDL. Once upon a time Miller had a relationship with Monroe, but his daughter Rebecca has been married to Day-Lewis since 1996. Come to think of it, maybe Miller could replace Bacon?

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Lincoln. It’s very good.

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