Winehouse family to mourn her loss on holiday

Amy Winehouse's family and boyfriend Reg Traviss are to go on a ten-day holiday to mourn her.

Amy Winehouse's family and boyfriend Reg Traviss are to go on a ten-day holiday to mourn her.

The late singer's loved ones – including her dad Mitch, stepmother Jane, brother Alex and her filmmaker lover – plan to take the trip to help them come to terms with Amy's unexpected passing at her home on July 23, and to give them a break from Camden, North London, where a huge shrine has been set up outside her house.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The family feel they want to grieve properly out of the limelight.

"Being in Camden constantly is proving too painful for them. They need time to themselves."

However, the group are hoping to enjoy their time away and want to turn the holiday into a "celebration" of Amy's life.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: "They will celebrate Amy's life and share their most treasured stories of her."

Mitch – who paid tribute to his daughter in a moving eulogy at her funeral last week – has taken to his twitter page to thank fans for their support in the aftermath of Amy's death.

He wrote: "My dear friends, thank you for your lovely messages. I will be in touch with you soon. Always love. Mitch."

Meanwhile, police are to examine CCTV footage from cameras at and around Amy's house to get a better picture of her movements on the night before she died.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "There are enough cameras in the area to get a picture of her movements.

“It’s a painstaking operation which involves going through tens of hours of footage."

The moves comes after detectives interviewed Tony Azzopardi yesterday, who claims he helped Amy buy £1,200 worth of crack cocaine and heroin on the night before her death.

Her family refute his claims, saying she stayed in on July 22, and had to be told to quiet down by her bodyguard after she played the drums late into the night.

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