Barrymore searching for script to direct

Drew Barrymore is searching for a new directorial project to "fall in love with".

Drew Barrymore is searching for a new directorial project to "fall in love with".

The actress – who has previously overseen 2009 movie 'Whip It' – admits she is desperately trying to find a new script to start work on, but admits it has to be something she wouldn’t mind working on everyday for three years.

She explained: "As a director, I'm really trying hard to find something I fall in love with again because it's a really long, intense job that you work on every day for the next three years.

"I have just always wanted to direct. My whole life has been sort of trying to hunt and gather information on how I could be the best director I could be, and I just want to grow and evolve in that form of the job. And I just love films."

The 35-year-old film star – who rose to fame as a child actress in the 80s – admits she loves working as a director, although it makes her personal life seem messy in comparison.

She explained to Stylist magazine: "As a director, I was always on time, I had shot-listed, story-boarded, I knew exactly what I wanted and had an answer for every question. When it comes to directing I'm as fastidious as it gets. I'm homework orientated, I'm diligent, I'm disciplined and inexhaustible. But my real life is a disaster…

"You should see my hotel room right now. It looks like Sid Vicious is living there. It's absolutely nuts. I need to call somebody to help because it's started to look weird. I'm just a mess. My desk is a mess, I'm never organised, I lose everything."

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