Big Brother chaos as Leo walks out

Celebrity Big Brother has been thrown into chaos after another star - 70s pop singer Leo Sayer - quit the show on the day he was up for eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother has been thrown into chaos after another star - 70s pop singer Leo Sayer - quit the show on the day he was up for eviction.

Curly-haired Leo, 58, is the third person to quit, after wannabe bad boy rocker Donny Tourette and film-maker Ken Russell also walked out.

The housemates commented on his departure: "Oh well, another one bites the dust."

The singer is thought to have knocked down the door with a shovel in a row over pants before quitting.

Glum-faced Danielle Lloyd, 23, said after Leo's sudden departure: "I don't like everybody feeling sad.

"I didn't like to hear Leo fighting. When he said: 'Well that's it, I'm going to go' I really didn't think he was going to go. I don't want anybody else to go. I don't want anyone else to walk out."

Former S Club star Jo O'Meara, 27, added: "I've never known this to happen on this show."

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, 31, commented about Leo: "He didn't want to stay, it was very undignified for him."

Actress Cleo Rocos, 44, added: "He said he doesn't have a TV didn't he?

"So he doesn't know what the show is like, we know the programme," to which her housemates added: "Then he shouldn't have come in here."

Leo's departure will anger Big Brother viewers who have paid to vote to evict him since phone lines opened yesterday.

A spokeswoman for the Channel 4 show said: “Big Brother can confirm that Leo has left the Celebrity Big Brother house.

“The housemates have been told that he will not be returning to the house.

“Leo’s voting line has now been closed. Viewers can still vote to evict either Dirk or Carole in tonight’s show.”

Eccentric filmmaker Ken was the second housemate to quit the Big Brother house on Sunday.

The 79-year-old, the oldest person ever to go into the house, left just two days after the departure of bad boy rocker Donny.

He told TV show bosses he wanted to quit following rows with late entrants Jade Goody and her mother Jackiey.

Donny, the loudmouth singer with punk band the Towers of London, climbed over the fence after refusing to act as Jade’s butler.

Leo, whose bizarre behaviour made him favourite to leave tonight, finally flipped when Big Brother refused to give him new underpants after he ran out of clean pairs.

According to Shilpa, he fled by smashing the fire exit door of the house with a shovel.

Danielle said: “Not giving him his underpants just sent him around the bend.”

Dirk replied that it was “silly to say that you just can’t have underpants”, adding of Big Brother: “They don’t know what they’re doing.”

But Danielle replied: “I think it was because Leo so many times said ‘if you don’t do this, I’m going to leave, and he hadn’t left’.”

So far, no one else has been brought in to the show to make up for the falling numbers.

But Danielle said: “I’m sure that someone else will come now become that is three people that have left out of their own will.

“I think that’s why Leo left, because he was worried about being evicted. He was worried about being rejected. Nobody dislikes anybody on this show but you have to vote for somebody.

“I don’t think anybody has got any bad qualities in the house so I don’t know why the public wouldn’t like him but people can be cruel and I think Leo was scared of being rejected.

“I think he was scared to be up for eviction tonight because nobody knows how the public are going to be to you when you walk out the door.”

Leo’s departure followed the arrival of Jade Goody and her family, which has received a mixed response from viewers.

This year’s crop of contestants have been dubbed the worst yet by some critics because of the dearth of famous names.

In today’s dramatic scenes, Leo made his escape by using a broom from the kitchen to break the handle off a garden door.

While Jermaine run his undies through the mangle, the task proved too much for Leo.

“I need more pants,” he complained in the Diary Room. “I’ve run out and since I don’t know when I’ll get evicted, I request some more underwear.

“I don’t wash my own clothes. Not in this house. I’m not washing clothes in front of the others. That’s demeaning. It’s not good enough. I’ll walk out.”

After a heated exchange in the Diary Room, Leo stomped into the lounge where most of the housemates were gathered.

“I’m leaving the house, guys, cos Big Brother won’t provide me with underwear,” he announced.

Carole urged him: “Don’t be daft.”

But Leo replied: “No, I’m going for the door, I’m outta here.”

Dirk offered his own pants, saying: “You can have some of mine.”

But Leo responded “F*** this”, while beating his fist on a two-way mirror.

Leo then grabbed a broom from the kitchen and forced his way through a door in one of the walls.

“He’s gone!” said H.

“Everyone’s going mad in here,” said Jo.

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