Limerick enjoys a taste of India as university celebrates Holi for the first time

The University of Limerick held its first Holi Festival earlier this month and attracted students from Ireland, India and beyond.
Limerick enjoys a taste of India as university celebrates Holi for the first time

Holi is a festival celebrated in India and around the world and it’s known for the bright, colourful powder and food.

Holi marks the beginning of spring and it is also about “the victory of good over the evil,”

The Holi celebration was organised by Indian UL students Eshwar Pawar, Shubhangi Kakkar, Ajit Francis Joy, and Megha Gusain.

“Megha and her friend Eshwar are the ones who have been asking us to have this celebration so it’s at their encouragement that we’ve pushed to get this done,” UL PSU President Aimée McKenzie said.

Holi is a national holiday in India and schools and workplaces are closed during the holiday.

“It’s an amazing festival, you know. Full of colours, water, good food, and sweet dishes. It’s lovely,” Megha Gusain said.

The students were enthusiastic about sharing their culture with the UL community and believed that the celebration would transcend international borders.

“I think Indian culture and Irish culture are quite similar because we give importance to culture and I think Ireland is one of the European countries who give importance to culture,” event organiser and dancer Shubhangi Kakkar said.

“We’ve got so much tremendous response and people are very welcoming and excited about this,” event organiser Eshwar Pawar said.

Some Indian people believe that non-Indians celebrating Holi is cultural appropriation, which is when people take things of cultural importance and significant meaning and dilute it to the point that the context is lost.

“It’s just sharing our happiness with other people,” event organiser Ajit Francis Joy said.

The event had great appeal to students of all backgrounds and students had a great first impression of Holi, citing dancing, music, food, and colours as the reasons they love the festival.

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