Books for kids...

* Sir Dancealot Timothy Knapman and Keith Robinson (Bloomsbury, €8.20)

Books for kids...

In days of old , great tales were told of fabulous fearless knights, whose methods were now completely out of date and overshadowed by Sir Dancealot who cleverly danced the monsters into submission. But one day he meets his match. A huge dragon appears who leads him a merry dance, that is, until the dragon decides that their contest should be on ice.

It is not until the dragon slips into a huge hole created by their ice skates that Sir Dancealot gets the upper hand. Being a nice knight he takes pity on the dragon and when he helps him out of the hole they become friends. Lovely characters and simple rhymes make this an attractive story for age five and upwards.

Amelia Earhart by Isabel Sanchez Vegara (Frances Lincoln, €11.60) 

As is usual in the Little People, Big Dreams series, the concentration is on the childhood days of the heroine. As a young child, Amelia was fascinated by the flight of birds, which soon led to a fascination with aeroplanes. Her interest became obsessive when she got a spin in a biplane.

She became famous when as one of a crew of three she became the first woman to fly the Atlantic. Soon after establishing her own flying club she braved the Atlantic on her own. Her final attempt to be the first woman to fly around the globe ended in disaster — but by then she had proved that the most important aspects of human personality are courage and ambition. A beautifully illustrated and inspiring book.

Is This A Poem? by Roger Stevens (Bloomsbury, €7.00) 

This is more than a book of poems — it is a book about poetry and about looking at words. As well as being a collection of humorous verse it gives invaluable tips on writing poetry.

It also explains the nature of Mesostic poems, where the subject of the poem reads perpendicularly through the middle of each line; Cinquains which have a defined number of syllables per line, and cut up poems, which use headlines and phrases from newspapers for example. Should inspire the creative minds of seven- plus readers.

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