Check out Aprés Match’s dig at TV3’s Euro 2016 coverage

Spare a thought for the poor guys on TV3 last night, as they were stuck showing Belgium v Sweden, while seemingly most of the country watched Ireland v Italy on RTÉ.

Check out Aprés Match’s dig at TV3’s Euro 2016 coverage

As usual after the coverage of the games on RTÉ, Aprés Match followed and they took aim right at TV3 coverage of the Euro 2016.

The Aprés Match guys wasted little time mocking everything from the TV3 panellists, to the set and even poor Tommy Martin, the presenter.

Check it out below:

In all fairness to Tommy Martin he was a good sport about it all and described it as a "career highlight." He also added, "If anything the eyebrows could be a little bigger!"

Interestingly, he tongue-in-cheekily promised to get RTÉ back during TV3’s coverage of the Euro 2016 final. Now that we’d like to see!



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