VIDEO: Green Aviation launch new drone service in Ireland

Ireland’s largest commercial drone company launched its unmanned aerial services yesterday in Co Offaly.

VIDEO: Green Aviation launch new drone service in Ireland

Green Aviation offers drones to companies in sectors such as telecommunications, construction, utilities and the entertainment industry.

The company offers a selection of drones ranging from 11kg to 150kg in weight, flying cameras weighing anywhere between 3kgs to 35kgs.

Green Aviation's 20kg drone, the first of its size flown in Ireland

Green Aviation CEO, Oisin Green, spoke at the launch saying: “Clients come to us with an array of different requirements and the current ‘one size fits all’ approach is not working for them.

"Utility companies who monitor the National Grid are switching to our large, industrial Inspection drone as it is silent, compared to the helicopters which are very loud."

"Wind farm operators on the other hand, need a small, efficient flying camera to inspect infrastructure at great heights. We would have a very different offering for this type of client."

Mr Green also said that the new drones could help the agriculture industry based on the news that in the US, precision agriculture - a farming management concept based on observing and responding - will form nearly 50% of the overall drone market this year.

“Drone surveillance and data collection is of huge benefit to the large agriculture sector in Ireland," said Mr Green.

"Farmers can use drones to take aerial imagery of their crops to assess their health. This info can then inform farmers which exact areas need attention, as opposed to operating in the absence of such specific information."

As well as supporting sectors such as telecommunications and construction drones have been used in the film and entertainment industry with Green Aviation drones being used in films such as Skyfall and Mission Impossible.

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