Talking about your mum could be the secret to a successful date

If your first dates don’t seem to go all that well, try talking about your mum (aww).

A new study by E-Harmony found that talking about your mum, pets or in another language, could get you that all important second date.

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Online daters said being rude to staff, constantly checking your appearance or talking about your ex (obviously) are the pitfalls. Swearing and giving unwanted life advice isn’t going to bag you a second date either.

Brits are apparently getting better at dating though, with the number of first dates leading to a second up by 48% over the past five years.

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Nearly a quarter of all first dates are now arranged via the web. Online daters spend an average of 15 days communicating before a first date, much longer than the nine days between those who meet via friends, and six days between singletons who meet on a night out.

The research also uncovered the first date must dos, which included some obvious things like smiling, not being late and offering to pay your way when the bill arrives.

A couple on a date
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Relationship expert Sloan Sheridan-Williams says: “It’s often the simplest things that make the biggest difference on a first date – smiling being one of these. Subconsciously we’re more attracted to a smile than a frown, as well as being more inviting it’s also a sign of a relaxed demeanour and low stress levels.

“We tend to be attracted to people who we feel will bring something to our lives. With so much choice these days thanks to online dating and being more transient – be it living in different towns or even countries – we’ve become more skilled at honing in on what will satisfy our emotional and physical needs, which in turn is leading to better quality dates.”

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Top ten first date faux pas

Being rude to staff – 69%

Constantly checking phone – 60%

Talking about the ex – 52%

Swearing too much – 48%

Showing off – 40%

Refusing to pay their way – 36%

Lateness – 36%

Constantly checking appearance – 33%

Coming on too strong – 32%

Offering unwanted life advice – 25%

Top ten first date must dos

Smiling a lot – 74%

Offering to pay the bill – 47%

Wearing aftershave/perfume – 40%

Arriving early – 36%

Telling jokes – 32%

Dressing up for the date – 32%

Talking about friends – 29%

Talking about pets – 24 %

Talking about mum – 21%

Speaking another language – 14%

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