Woman who left family in Mallow pleads guilty to stabbing

A WOMAN who stabbed a man to death before hitting herself on the head with a hammer and jumping off a road bridge pleaded guilty to manslaughter in a British court yesterday.

The woman, who left her husband and two young children without any explanation ended up, days later, causing chaos on a British motorway before stabbing a Good Samaritan to death.

Sabina Eriksson, 41, had lived in Mallow, Co Cork, for a number of years before inexplicably taking off one morning in early May 2008. She hit the headlines in Britain a few days later when she ran three times in front of traffic on the busy M6 motorway in North Staffordshire.

At one stage, the mother-of-two was hit by a Volkswagen Polo and knocked out for 15 minutes. When she regained consciousness, she ran out into the traffic again.

Ms Eriksson then attacked a police woman who went to arrest her at a nearby motorway service station. She was charged with trespassing.

Magistrates released Eriksson from custody a day later, without issuing an order to assess her mental stability. The following day, May 19, she met 54-year-old Glen Hollinshead, in Fenton, North Staffordshire, and asked him for directions to the nearest hotel. He invited her to stay at his home.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that after staying the night she stabbed Mr Hollinshead. After the stabbing, Eriksson ran from the house and was chased by paramedics before jumping 40ft from a bridge onto a dual carriageway. Eriksson, who had no alcohol or drugs in her system, suffered serious injuries.

Christopher Hotten QC, prosecuting, said: “Any ordinary person would believe that her whole behaviour was bizarre.”

Mr Hollinshead’s family are demanding to know why Eriksson was released from custody by magistrates after she had run amok on the M6. His brother, Garry, told local media her mental disorder should have been picked up prior to her being let out into the community.

Eriksson admitted the manslaughter of Glen Hollinshead on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

She is awaiting sentencing.

Eriksson, who was born in Sweden, had lived in Mallow for a number of years.

Garda sources said she had never come to their attention during that time. They believe she suddenly left after a visit from her sister.

“It remains a mystery why she left, especially without telling her husband and their children.”

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