South Park writer role for Irish animator

A Kilkenny animator has realised a lifelong ambition by joining the writing staff of hit US comedy South Park.

David O’Reilly has established himself as an internationally acclaimed animator, whose previous works include inserts for films, a music video for U2, and an episode of the Cartoon Network series ‘Adventure Time’.

Having moved to LA three years ago, David was asked to create the fictional Alien Child video game that appeared in the Oscar-winning film Her.

He has since released his own game, Mountain, and created a series of critically acclaimed short films.

Joining the writing team of South Park, headed by creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, is a dream come true for the 29-year-old animator.

“I was introduced to Matt Stone by a mutual friend; we got along and a month later I was in the writers’ room,” he said. “It’s a huge honour as Matt and Trey are heroes. I’ve been watching the show since I was 12.”

David remained tight- lipped on his precise involvement in the upcoming episodes, but when asked about his future ambitions, his answer was typical of the dark humour that can be seen in his work.

“I don’t have any left. This is it. Downhill from here,” he said.

Here's some example of David's work.

(Warning: Adult content in these videos)  


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