Top 8 frozen yogurts tested

Frozen yogurt has a healthy ring to it. When yogurt is plain it has the potential benefits of healthy bacteria balancing the bad bacteria in the gut.
Top 8 frozen yogurts tested

Stress and eating too much sugar or sugar substitutes and not enough healthy fibrous food, can put our bodies out of sync.

Whether or not frozen yogurt is good for the gut is debatable.

Once side says that bacteria can survive freezing and come alive when warmed in the mouth.

The other side suggests that not all yogurts have live bacteria, or not enough to survive freezing to make a significant health impact.

Any yogurt that is flavoured will have more sugar than a plain one and added stabilisers to keep the mix even.

I like flavoured yogurts as a treat as they are not sickly sweet and encourage fairly good treat habits, but there is still nearly as much fat and sugar as regular ice-cream.

We still have to watch portion control. A few spoonfuls in a cone is ideal. Don’t get into the habit of sugary sprinkles, but top with a strawberry or a few blueberries.

Plain yogurt is the best. Stick it in a blender with a banana, peach, pear or fresh summer fruits for the best possible taste and value.

Marks & Spencer Mini Frozen Yogurt & Sorbets 400ml €4.60

Eight small frozen yogurt sticks are the right size for a treat. Two of each flavour have the creamy yogurt inside coated in four different flavoured sorbets — pineapple, red berry, apple and mango and raspberry.

The coatings have a delicious fresh taste and the inside yogurt has just enough tang to be interesting. There are also six larger marbled lollies for the same price. All appealed to tasters.

Score: 8.5

Yoo Moo Frozen Yogurt Lollies 330ml €3

A six pack of mixed berry, tropical and strawberry lollies are marbled with creamy yogurt.

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives stated on the pack, which is always good to see. Fun to look at, they are appealing to children.

With plenty of fruit flavour, there is more yogurt which makes them creamier than other samples.

Score: 8

Claudi & Fin Yogurt Lollies 220ml €3.50

Four Greek-style frozen yogurt lollies gave us a heavier yogurt flavour and a lighter fruit experience. The mango was a little low in flavour, despite having 15% mango purée — it needs more zing than the yogurt for contrast. Enjoyed by all, though.

Score: 7

Glenilen Farm Frozen Yogurt 500ml €2.47

A commendably short list of ingredients is a good start here and the 42% yogurt is listed as ‘live’, so there is hope of gut health benefits too. A decent 14% raspberries is obvious, bright and fresh with tonnes of flavour and the yogurt has a light tang which contrasts well with the fruit.

A very good product from a West Cork producer. All tasters gave their thumbs up for this well- presented tub with a cheery bright pink rim. Good value.

Score: 9.5

Corrin Hill Natural Frozen Yogurt 1lt €2.99

40% bio yogurt is mixed with reconstituted milk powder, a few forms of sugar, as other yogurts, to make a satisfactory, flavoursome, creamy frozen, slightly sweet treat.

Perfect for adding to seasonal fruit in cones, but tasty alone. A strong Irish product from Silver Pail Dairy based in Fermoy, Co Cork. Good value.

Score: 8.25

SuperValu Frozen Yogurt 1 litre €2.99

Tasting quite sweet, this plain yogurt has a lovely creamy texture. Good as a base for added fruit. Ideal for smoothies and various concoctions to substitute for cream or icecream. Made with Irish yogurt.

Score: 8.25

Tesco Strawberry crumble frozen yogurt 500ml €3

Made from skimmed milk and 33% natural yogurt, there is a scattering of strawberry digestive crumble throughout. The strawberry flavour was low and the yogurt not strong either, but a nice creamy texture. Good to see it is made in Ireland.

Score: 7

Lidl Eridanous Yogurt Flavoured Icecream 500ml €2.79

This tub of ice-cream (no claim to be a frozen yogurt), at 8% has less yogurt than the other samples, so we don’t get the hit of tangy yogurt or its surprise ingredient — buttermilk, which can be tangy and has potential health benefits.

There is a tasty topping of honey syrup and caramelised pecans, but none throughout. As ice-cream goes, quite tasty.

Score: 7

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