Cormac MacConnell: DKs are a powerful, hidden political party

I am a proud DONT KNOW, as far as the Irish pollsters are concerned, writes Cormac MacConnell.

Cormac MacConnell: DKs are a powerful, hidden political party

I am a proud DONT KNOW, as far as the Irish pollsters are concerned, writes Cormac MacConnell.

You too, if you think about it for a second or two, are also a DONT KNOW, in the real sense of the term.

I don’t know, for sure and certain, for example, if the Lord leaves me alive for long enough to finish this article.

You, likewise, wherever you are, cannot be absolutely sure that you will not be stricken down by some malady before you get to the end of this article.

The pure truth, yet again.

This actually is a sharp rebuke on our behalf to the bloody pollsters who were so active during the recent referendum.

Both they, and the pundits who brought the results of the polls to us through the campaign, were highly reductive and contemptuous of us DONT KNOWS.

We were treated as lowly morons of some kind or another, far too stupid to make up our feeble minds on an important national issue.

That is far from being the real situation.

We DONT KNOWS (I’ll use the DK abbreviation from now on) are in fact the backbone of the nation.

Above all, we are far too cute to spill our guts about our deepest and most private opinions to absolute strangers acting as agents for the pollsters.

The proud reality for us DKs all over the nation is that we are the element of the population that keeps the body politic on its toes, and on its best behaviour the most of the time.

It is us who elect governments.

It is our actions, at the end of the day, that knock them out of office, if they fail to satisfy our needs.

They know that well, too, and are quite fearful of us.

The sooner the pollsters in their Dublin high-tech offices learn that lesson, the better for us all.

The referendum result recently was clear cut, with an overwhelming majority for change.

That is not normally the situation.

Wait until the next general election (soon upcoming, for sure) and it is there that the real value to Irish democracy supplied by us proud DKs will be dramatically highlighted, about every day of the campaign.

I can hardly wait for the excitement of that.

Another fragment of truth there.

Is it not the reality that we are all DKs across the whole range of living our lives?

The only guaranteed certainty we have is linked to the minutes and seconds we are passing through now.

The future, even the immediate future, is DK territory for us all.

That includes the situation for our political and financial leaders.

More intriguingly, in these midsummer days, when politicians take long holidays, the events on all the sporting fronts, especially across the GAA championships for many of us, are the headliners.

Will the Cats survive their hurling battles ahead?

Will Mayo’s footballers taste bitter defeat again?

Who could have predicted that my own County Fermanagh would defeat Monaghan, to get into the Ulster final later this month.

We are one of only two counties to never have won a provincial football title.

Will lightning strike gloriously in Clones?

I honestly don’t know, but I have already purchased my green jersey for the outing.

God is often good.

We noble DKs throughout the land actually represent the fundamental Citizens Assembly better than the brief gatherings under that heading a few months ago.

We are a powerful political party in our own right, and we have always been there to keep a sharp eye on all proceedings both at home and abroad.

We are not revealing our opinions lightly to all the passing pollsters and, in that way, we keep them in their place good and proper, too.

Long may that reality exist.

I’ll leave it there for now. Enjoy the rest of the good weather favouring us at the moment and enjoy the special flavour of the golden month of June bursting out all over.

- That other county to have never won a provincial football title? It’s Wicklow.

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