Why this cookbook should be in every household

WITH Christmas fast approaching, many people, including me, are looking for good ideas for gifts for friends and members of the family, male and female.

My choices are much easier, since a fantastic cookery book beautifully published by Poolbeg for the Irish Heart Foundation came into my hands.

Several of the Irish Heart Foundation staff, including their dietician, were involved in developing this book, entitled I Love Good Food. Many celebrities, such as chefs and cookery writers, have also contributed to I Love Good Food.

Alongside the recipes, there is useful information on heart health. We are told that variety is the spice of life, and if we eat only a limited number of foods, it is more difficult to have a healthy diet.

We are shown how to prepare genuinely tasty, heart- healthy dishes, so we can take concrete steps to look after our hearts, and those of our loved ones, while cutting down on the over-intake of salt which many of us take in through processed food, canteen and restaurant food, fast foods, and those snacks we pop into our mouths during the day. The same goes for fat.

My colleague in the Food Writers Guild, Orla Broderick, has contributed many of her own heart- healthy recipes to I Love Good Food, and she has been meticulous about testing all the recipes in the book, so that the standards are impeccable.

Also, all the recipes have been nutritionally analysed by Dr Patricia Heavey and Orla McMahon of the National Nutrition Surveillance Centre at University College Dublin.

Give this book to your loved one to enable them eat better and more healthily; I truly believe this book should be in every household in Ireland, for the good of our health.

It is never too late to start paying attention to what we put in our mouths.

Too often, we are put off healthy eating by the notion that the dishes will be bland, complicated to cook, and not very tasty.

This book puts an end to any fallacies that heart- healthy food must be dull food, with the help of its fabulous colour pictures of the dishes.

Now I’m off for coffee and the carrot cake with rosemary cream, which you can find on page 228.

Take my word for it, it is delicious, and takes just 15 minutes to prepare.

Now we always bake two at a time, and impress our French neighbours with some Irish heart-healthy cake!

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