Amazon founder's rocket launches into space

The company Blue Origin, headed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has launched its rocket into space for the tenth time.

New Shepard, named after the first american in space, Alan Shepard, lifted into space for its tenth test flight as it competes with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic to become the first to carry 'tourists' into space.

New Shepard reached an apogee of 350,775 feet.

The Blue Origin New Shepard rocket and capsule landed vertically at the private spaceflight company's West Texas facility shortly after.

The rocket includes NASA sponsored research and technology through NASA's Flight Opportunities Program.

The launch and touchdown back to earth was broadcast live on the Blue Origin's website as well as uploaded to Youtube, which you can watch here:

Director of Astronaut and Orbital Sales Ariane Cornell provided live commentary, according to

"That, everybody, is a reusable rocket. Absolutely beautiful."

The aim of Blue Origin is to bring people into space at an 'affordable' cost, though it has yet to release ticket prices or a date as to when that will happen.

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