LoveBoth group call on electorate to assess impact of abortion in Britain

The Love Both campaign marked the 50th anniversary of the British Abortion Act today – by calling for a No vote.

The group has said 8m pregnancies have been terminated in Britain since 1967.

Speaking at an event to mark the anniversary LoveBoth spokesperson Clare McCarthy said today was a sad day for Britain as it marked an anniversary which has seen over 8m babies lose their lives to abortion.

"In 1967, the public were told that the legislation being introduced was ‘restrictive’. Instead, the abortion rate has climbed ever since and today in Britain, one in every 5 pregnancies ends in abortion.

“Much like politicians in 1967, Minister Harris has called his abortion plan ‘restrictive’ but the experience in Britain proves that there is no such thing as ‘restrictive’ abortion.

"The Irish public deserves to know that what Minister Harris has in store for us is even more extreme than the law currently existing in Britain. It would introduce abortion on demand up to three months, and in vague, undefined circumstances thereafter.

"There is no similar provision in the current British law.”

Ms. McCarthy concluded by suggesting Ireland had a chance to learn from the mistakes of countries like Britain "where babies’ lives are ended in such huge numbers."

"The only way to stop abortion on demand coming into Ireland is to Vote No on May 25.”

Also today a young mother with a health condition that meant her pregnancy posed a risk to her life has teamed up with Amnesty International to call for a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum.

Claire Malone from Wexford has pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary atresia and had her lung removed in 2014.

When she became pregnant last summer she says she asked for and was refused a termination.

Claire says she wanted a termination for the sake of her two boys, whose father died two years ago.

"I was forced into a corner where I was told, without the words being used, 'you're going to be pregnant, whether you like it or not'. I didn't have any say in that."

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