Average person scrolls height of Everest in a year - Measure your thumb mileage here

Did you know that your thumb scrolls the height of the Burj Khalifa every month? Or that in a year your thumb climbs Everest?


Reluctant to believe these shocking stats? See for yourself!

Stingberry has created ‘Thumb Miles - How Far Do You Scroll With Your Thumb?’ - a site which allows smartphone users to measure just how far they scroll per day, week, month and year and the results may frighten you.

Simply choose whether you’re a light, medium or heavy phone user to find out just how far you’re scrolling.

Has your thumb scrolled the height of 80,000 Shaquille O’Neals?

Or, maybe you’ve scrolled the length of the London Marathon in the last 5 years?

Click here to calculate your thumb miles!

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