Careers 2018: MSD Brinny, where your work can make a difference

By Joe Kerrigan 

If you’re looking for a great place to work, where your experience is welcomed, your ideas are enthusiastically received, and your energetic mind can leap ahead, then you should definitely look at MSD.

The company has a thriving pharmaceutical plant at Brinny near Innishannon, as well as branches in Carlow, Tipperary, and Dublin, and a booming sector in animal health. And the good news is that they are always seeking bright, enquiring minds to work with them.

Dermot O’Brien, Integrated Product Team Leader for Vaccines, at the Brinny site, said: “We’re looking for a very diverse range of people. Young graduates, certainly, but also talented people with several years of experience too, across a wide spectrum of areas.”

Their base is biopharmaceutical certainly, he agrees, but they are very interested in those with experience in other sectors as well, including the food industries. Brinny, he explains, is focused on late stage development and commercialisation of biologics and vaccines, lifesaving drugs. So anyone working here has the enormous job satisfaction of knowing what they are doing is making a difference and realising the important part it plays in helping patients around the world.

They have the added satisfaction of knowing that they are working for a global organisation, the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical company, with operations in more than 140 countries. MSD’s extensive operations in Ireland include manufacturing facilities and offices across four counties. It employs over 1,800 people here, and supports a further 9,000 indirect jobs through its operations across the country.

In the past five decades, in fact, MSD has invested more than €2.2bn in Ireland and contributes hugely towards making the pharmaceutical industry the country’s leading export sector. Many of MSD’s leading global products are made or packaged in Ireland and it is a proud member of Guaranteed Irish.

“Our business here in Brinny is extremely successful,” agrees O’Brien. “Now we are building on that, and aiming to create a site where we are very focused on new products with a start-up mentality as we expand. For that you need curious enquiring minds.

“Somebody who has worked in different fields over the years, and can relate and make connections, look ahead, innovate and see new possibilities.

“The key thing is, we’re not concerned about age or specific experience — we want people who want to make a difference and who not only want to know how to do things but why to do things. We want those curious minds and then we’re focused on their development so that we develop the best of their abilities.”

Work conditions are exceptionally good at MSD, as you would expect, but perhaps the most tempting factor of all is their positive attitude to the ideas of anyone who works there. “We prize the diverse contributions of all our employees. We’re committed to creating an open, welcome and respectful workplace, where everyone is valued.”

Whatever your career path — whether it’s pursuing original science in the laboratory, working directly with customers, manufacturing quality products, or using your experience to supporting the business in a multitude of ways — MSD could offer you the opportunity you’ve been searching for, while making a true difference in people’s lives.

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