Love cheat joiner 'kicked out of house after murder trial evidence'

The partner of a cheating joiner kicked him out of their house just hours after he told a murder trial jury he had planned to set up home with his lover.

Love cheat joiner 'kicked out of house after murder trial evidence'

The partner of a cheating joiner kicked him out of their house just hours after he told a British murder trial jury he had planned to set up home with his lover.

Mark Prescott said he was due to a view a bungalow with accountant Mandy Gallear on the day of her killing after their affair was uncovered days earlier.

Mrs Gallear, 42, did not make the appointment after she was stabbed to death by her husband, Stuart, 51, in the kitchen of their home in Hindley, Wigan, on October 6 last year.

Former warehouse manager Gallear has pleaded guilty to her manslaughter, but denies murder.

Giving evidence at Manchester Crown Court on Monday, Mr Prescott said he was now reunited with his long-term partner, Ann-Marie Croft.

But on Tuesday, Ms Croft told the court she had since kicked Mr Prescott out of their home.

Asked why, she explained: "Because my daughter showed me something on my phone, which was in the news, that he was going to view a bungalow with her.

"I didn't know that until yesterday. I threw him out last night."

She confirmed both had travelled to court on Monday and knew they were giving evidence as witnesses but he had still not told her about the bungalow.

Ms Croft said she discovered the affair on October 3 when her adult children found text messages between Mr Prescott and Mrs Gallear.

She said she also kicked him out of the family home on that occasion and the pair separated for up to five weeks.

Her son went on to tell Mr Gallear about the affair on October 5.

On the morning of October 6, Ms Croft said Gallear visited her home and said he understood they had both been cheated on for 18 months.

She said: "He walked in and we both just looked at each other. We didn't say anything for a bit.

"He was just devastated and I was. We were like zombies.

"I said to him: 'Are you going to get him?' I wanted him to have a smack. He deserved a smack.

"He replied: 'Yeah I'll get him and if I don't I will get someone else to'."

She said that Gallear had also told her: "I have to be careful, Ann-Marie, because she will have the children and end up with the house and I will have nothing."

Ms Croft said Mr Prescott had initially denied the affair despite his phone containing photographs of Mrs Gallear and sexually suggestive messages between them.

She said he later denied the affair lasted 18 months, and said it was "six months, if that".

She added: "He told me that it was nothing and he had tried to finish it three times."

The jury has heard that police found Mrs Gallear motionless on the kitchen floor with three deep wounds to her chest on the afternoon of October 6 after Gallear phoned for an ambulance.

Gallear told police he had "lost it", and after being formally arrested he replied: "I've made a mistake. I accept the consequences."

Mother-of-two Mrs Gallear was rushed to hospital but medics could not resuscitate her and she was pronounced dead.

Earlier on October 6, Mrs Gallear told work colleagues at Chorley-based property developers Heaton Estates she was getting divorced and was planning to view a property for rent with Mr Prescott that day.


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Ms Croft said she and Mr Prescott were not friendly with the Gallears as a couple but knew each through mutual friends.

From lunchtime on October 6 the defendant had been drinking at the Hindley Arms pub where he told customers his wife had been having an affair, the court previously heard.

It was said he also went into the Bird I'th Hand pub looking for Mr Prescott.

In a statement to the court, builder Wayne Kenyon said he knew both Gallear and Mr Prescott as they were all part of a group that socialised in local pubs after work.

He said a fellow drinker at the Bird I'th Hand told him that Gallear had found about the affair.

Gallear then came into the pub at about 3.10pm, he said, with his hands stuffed into his pockets and his face "looked bright red".

He stated: "I would describe him as furious."

He said he had never previously seen Gallear angry or annoyed.

Mr Kenyon said Gallear asked his friend if he had seen Mr Prescott and then told him: "Just tell him, I'm f****** looking for him."

Asked if he was all right, Gallear then replied: "No I'm f***i*** not", added Mr Kenyon.

Gallear then returned to the Hindley Arms where landlord Ian Wright said Gallear got a phone call from his wife while at the bar and he could hear "her shouting at him".

The defendant was said to have walked home at about 3.30pm and less than 20 minutes later was ringing for an ambulance after stabbing his wife.

The jury next heard excerpts from police interviews with Gallear following his arrest.

Asked if had killed his wife, the defendant said: "Unintentionally I have. I didn't set out to kill her this morning."

He said he '"lost it"and "went for her" after she told him "we're separating, I love him more than you" as she emptied the dishwasher.

"The next thing you know I'm lunging at her, I grabbed her by the throat and the drawer was open. I grabbed the knife, pushed her back towards the sink and just stabbed her two, three times. Then she said 'what are you doing?' I still love you'.

"I snapped out of it... I'm on the phone saying I've stabbed my wife, I need police and ambulance.

"I can't even remember it, two times that I stabbed her, is it three times? All of a sudden I felt like I was back in the real world. I'm looking at the knife, looking at her, thinking 'shit' and backing away.

"It was only when she said 'what are you doing I still love you' I've got to be honest it triggered something for me to come back into the real world. I didn't go there intending to hurt her. I made one big, big mistake, I lost it and I've got all this to pay for.

"I didn't consciously think 'I'm stabbing her', it was a reaction. This is my wife of 18 years for God's sake, I still love her.

"I've got two kids, I've taken away their mum. The eldest, she idolised her mum."

He said that his wife had told him six months before the killing that she was having an affair but denied she was seeing Mr Prescott and she would end it.

The trial continues on Wednesday.

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