Record day for record attempts

The World is going record breaking crazy today, in aid of Guinness World Records Day.

The World is going record breaking crazy today, in aid of Guinness World Records Day.

Over 300 attempts at smashing previous and setting new records are being made around the globe to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the Guinness World Records annual becoming the world's best-selling copyright book.

Record attempts in the UK included escapologist Merlin Cadogan, 35, who set a new record for Longest Time Juggling three Objects Underwater, completing 203 catches in one minute 20 seconds.

Alongside Merlin, Preacher, a 31-year-old so called 'dark arts' performer from Ireland, set new records for Most Flaming Torches Lit and Extinguished in One Min, with 83, followed by Most Consecutive Fire Flames Blown Using One Mouth Of Fuel and Most Consecutive Fire Flames Blown By Mouth In One Minute, which was 69.

Over in the nation's midlands, 90-year-old Thomas Lackey broke his own record for Oldest Wingwalker - heading onto the wing of a plane while in the air - last recorded when Thomas was 89 years old.

He said: "It feels tremendous to have broken my own Guinness World Record. I dedicate every wing walk I do to my dear wife who passed away some time ago."

Not all attempts were successful however - unfortunately Manjit Singh failed in his attempt to set a new world record for the Heaviest Road Vehicle Pulled by the Teeth, pulling a 12.2 tonne bus.

His 21-year-old niece Asha Rani - who has earned the nickname India's Iron Queen - failed in her record attempt at Farthest Distance to Pull a Plane with the Hair by a Female, with a plane weighing over 6.8 tonnes.

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