Blunkett's lover returns home amid visa row 'lies' claim

The pregnant ex-lover of former British Home Secretary David Blunkett will begin her recovery from illness at home today after an 18-day stay in hospital.

The pregnant ex-lover of former British Home Secretary David Blunkett will begin her recovery from illness at home today after an 18-day stay in hospital.

Kimberly Quinn, a 44-year-old magazine publisher, was accompanied to her Mayfair home last night by her husband Stephen, 60, after requiring a hospital stay following complications to her pregnancy.

Mr Quinn has pledged to stand by his wife despite revelations of her three-year affair with former Cabinet member, David Blunkett.

The relationship ended in acrimony and bitter dispute and led to the resignation of the 57-year-old politician from his ministerial post on Wednesday amid suggestions he had helped fast-track his lover’s nanny’s visa.

Mr Blunkett claims he is the father of Mrs Quinn’s two-year-old son William and the boy’s unborn brother.

In separate developments yesterday, Mr Blunkett faced accusations that “lies” were told during the visa row that forced him to quit his cabinet post.

The charge came as details of Alan Budd’s inquiry into the “nannygate” affair were published in the Evening Standard.

A timeline agreed by Budd and released when Mr Blunkett dramatically resigned is dissected by the paper.

It shows statements by the former Home Secretary and his spokesman were not true.

Mr Blunkett and the Home Office stressed in separate statements that the timeline was released publicly on Wednesday night.

The Sheffield Brightside MP insisted at the time that he and departmental officials gave their honest recollection of events.

However, any suggestion that he was less than straightforward when Budd reports next week could end hope of a comeback.

Earlier, shadow home secretary David Davis said: “My suspicion is that lies have been told.”

Mr Blunkett initially said he simply took an application form from Leoncia Casalme, nanny to his former lover Kimberly Quinn, into the office to have it read to him.

However, the timeline states: “David Blunkett believed he had read the form with a private secretary at this stage and checked it over before handing back to Kimberly Quinn.

“He believed that was his only involvement with the application but it now appears the form did not come to the Home Secretary’s Office.”

Instead, Mr Blunkett became involved after Mrs Quinn showed him a letter warning the nanny her visa could take a year to process.

Mr Blunkett “expresses concern” over such delays, the timeline says.

“It now seems probable that David Blunkett sent the letter in with his overnight box to his office,” states the entry for April 29.

“He has no recollection of issuing any instruction regarding the letter and nor did his staff remember receiving any.”

Despite this it is “probable” his private office faxed the letter to the Director of General of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND).

“This fax has not survived; it was not placed in the file relating to this application. There is therefore, no way of knowing precisely what it asked the recipient to do.”

On May 8 a member of Mr Blunkett’s private office emailed someone in the DG’s office to ask about progress, the timeline says.

The following day an email reply stated “no special favours had been involved but the case had been done just a bit quicker“.

In his resignation statement, Mr Blunkett insisted: “I have always given my honest recollection of the facts, on the record as I remembered them.”

His account was “based on the recollections of myself and the officials in my office at the time“, he said.

A spokesman for Mr Blunkett said: “There is nothing new here. This document was distributed to journalists by the Home Office on Wednesday and all the key elements were put in the public domain earlier this week in interviews David gave at the time.”

However, Mr Davis suggested the Home Office had been “systematically misleading” the press and public. It looks like we haven’t had the whole story,” Mr Davis told Channel 4’s Morgan and Platell programme.

Pressure from the shadow home secretary forced Mr Blunkett’s ally Beverly Hughes to resign as Immigration Minister after it emerged she had been warned about a visa scam.

Mr Davis said: “The Home Office during the Beverly Hughes episode was systematically misleading people. Misleading the press, misleading the public. And it looks like they’ve been doing the same here.”

Mr Davis added: “We can’t allow ministers to misuse their power. Whether it’s misuse of civil servants, misuse of public money or misuse of power.”

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