QUIRKY WORLD ... Tram driver ties off an unexpected delivery

Poland: A woman who went into labour on the way to a hospital got a helping hand from a tram driver who used string from an umbrella to tie off the umbilical cord.
QUIRKY WORLD ... Tram driver ties off an unexpected delivery

Paulina Kacperska and her husband were driving to a hospital in Poznan in Poland last Thursday when she started giving birth.

Kacperska said in an interview on TVN24: “I told him ‘pull over and get out, you have to deliver [the baby] because I can feel the head coming out.’”

By chance, her husband pulled over near a tram stop where a driver was working who had worked as a midwife in the past. The driver, Dorota Kaczmarek, arrived in time to tie off the umbilical cord of the healthy baby boy, who was named Fabian.

Relief effort

England: A drunken woman twice urinated on a war memorial in broad daylight in front of shocked families, including on the eve of the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, a court heard.

Kelly Martin, 42, pulled down her trousers and relieved herself in public on June 30 at the remembrance monument in Grays, Essex, it is alleged.

The following day was the 100th anniversary of the start of the Somme offensive, which began on July 1, 1916, and cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Martin was on bail at the time, having been arrested for urinating at the decades-old structure in April, Basildon Magistrates’ Court was told. On both occasions she was among a crowd of people around the memorial when she dropped her trousers and relieved herself.

Homeless Martin is also accused of throwing a bottle at and verbally abusing a paramedic at the memorial on June 30.

She denies two charges of outraging public decency, one of common assault and one of using threatening or abusive language.

Crash pad

USA: A North Carolina man says he is giving up on his home in Raleigh after it was hit by a driver for the sixth time.

Carlo Bernarte told WTVD-TV he is fed up with the half a dozen crashes since he and his family moved there in 2004. A drink-driver hit the house in October and later died.

Mr Bernarte said that his insurance company has cancelled his home-owner’s policy over the crashes, and city engineers have told him extending a nearby guardrail would be a safety issue because it could block the line of sight for drivers leaving the neighbourhood.

Canine caper

England: A dog has been rescued by fire crews after becoming stuck while chasing a rabbit down a narrow drainpipe.

Firefighters had to dig Lilly the Jack Russell out of the 8in pipe after she became trapped on farmland at Easton, near Wells, Somerset.

Crews from Wells, Glastonbury and Yeovil went to the four-year-old animal’s rescue, where they found the pipe was about 16 m long and Lilly was about 6m in.

Firefighters dug out the pipe and use a steel cutter to create a big enough gap for Lilly to climb out of.

Ergonomic couch

England: Former BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull has revealed he had the show’s famous red sofa customised for his own comfort.

Turnbull, 60, left the show in February, with Dan Walker taking his seat on the sofa. He told the Radio Times: “I complained that the old sofa gave me a bad back, so they measured me for a new tailor-made one.”

He insisted it was not a waste of money, saying: “None of us took any time off with bad backs and the audience kept going up. It was ergonomic with a little backrest to lean against so you didn’t slouch.”

Out of his tree

Germany: The pilot of an ultralight aircraft in Germany spent more than 12 hours stuck up a tree after rescuers were unable to reach him overnight.

The man crash-landed in the tree about 19 miles east of Stuttgart, police in the south-western state of Baden-Wuerttemberg said.

Attempts to bring the man down from his lofty perch 30 metres (98ft) above ground had to be abandoned at nightfall because of the risk that the plane and its pilot might be dislodged and fall to the ground, police said. The 59-year-old was eventually rescued unharmed.

Mall mystery

USA: Police say they have found no evidence of any gunfire and cannot explain what kind of loud noise led people to flee in fright from a busy North Carolina shopping centre.

Eight people were taken to hospital after being trampled in the rush to escape from what were reported as gunshots inside Raleigh’s Crabtree Valley Mall. Police say they have interviewed all known witnesses to the incident and cannot find any indication that a gun was fired and cannot explain what caused the loud noise that people reported. No-one suffered gunshot wounds and no shell casings were left behind by fired bullets.

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