Quirky World: You wouldn’t wallaby be in a hurry on Manchester trains

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Quirky World: You wouldn’t wallaby be in a hurry on Manchester trains


An escaped wallaby has been spotted on a railway line, Network Rail said. The animal was seen on tracks in Manchester.

It is believed the creature escaped from a nearby animal farm. Trains were forced to run slower than normal as they passed through the area until the marsupial was reported to be clear of danger.

Special delivery


A New York City firefighter had to miss his daughter’s birthday to help bring another life into the world.

The New York Daily News reports Kevin Roth showed up just in time on Thursday night to a Queens home, where emergency responders were called for an “imminent birth”. Roth and four firefighters got her to lie down and gave her oxygen before seeing the baby boy’s head emerge and helping deliver him safely.

Roth tells the newspaper his daughter was a “little upset” that he had to work on her 14th birthday, but perked up when he texted her, “I hope you don’t mind sharing your birthday with a baby boy, because we just delivered one.”

Bearded mice


A single island in the Philippines contains the world’s greatest collection of unique mammal species, scientists have discovered.

Of 56 non-flying mammals now known to live on Luzon island, 52 are found nowhere else on Earth. Researchers only realised the importance of Luzon after identifying 28 new species there during a 15-year study. They include four kinds of tree mice with whiskers so long they almost reach their ankles.

Birthday treats


A female gorilla has celebrated her 40th birthday with cake, presents, and flowers.

Salome, a Western lowland gorilla, was conceived at Bristol Zoo Gardens in 1975 and turns 40 on Saturday. She marked her birthday with a vegetable cake, boxes of healthy treats and an assortment of roses — which gorillas can eat.

The five other gorillas at the zoo, including Salome’s four-year-old son Kukena — also joined in the celebrations.

Turtle trove


Loggerhead sea turtles have enjoyed a successful breeding season along the South Carolina coast with record numbers of nests found along the shore.

Preliminary figures from the US department of natural resources show about 4,900 nests have been reported. It is now a key time for the turtles as the hatchlings emerge from eggs and make their way down the beach to the ocean. People who live along the beach are being asked to turn off lights that confuse the young hatchlings and they crawl towards land instead of toward the ocean.

No scavenging


Residents of a rural Alaskan community have been told they are no longer allowed to “shop” by scavenging at the city landfill. The clampdown in Bethel comes amid concerns that dangerous conditions at the dump are creating a health and safety threat in the community of 6,200 in western Alaska.

City manager Ann Capela says the change is about safety and risk managemet but Bethel dump “shopper” Tom McCallson said it is irritating because scavenging has been so convenient.

Gift for the boss


The employees of a company whose boss gave them a well-publicised big raise have bought him a new Tesla car. The Seattle Times reports Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price posted the news of the gift on Facebook Thursday, saying “Gravity employees saved up and pitched in over the past six months and bought me my dream car.”

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