QUIRKY WORLD ... Teachers fall for 7-year-old pupil’s misspelled excuse

USA: A 7-year-old Houston girl managed to get out of an after-school education programme with a fake excuse note that she wrote herself, in large print with misspellings.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Teachers fall for 7-year-old pupil’s misspelled excuse

The girl’s father, Charlie Dahu told KTRK-TV that his daughter was wrong to write the note, but that it’s obvious it was written by a child.

The note says: “I want Rosabella to go too dus 131 today.”

With the note, Rosabella was able to take a bus home, rather than participating in an after-school programme. But the girl couldn’t get into her house. She spent part of the afternoon outside until asking a neighbour to let her use the bathroom.

The neighbour kept Rosabella until her father was located.

The Sheldon Independent School District says the incident is under investigation.

Justice — make it snappy

USA: The Florida man who threw an alligator through a drive-thru window is now throwing himself on the mercy of the court.

The Palm Beach Post reports that 24-year-old Joshua James agreed in court to plead guilty to unspecified misdemeanour charges on May 31 and let Judge Barry Cohen decide his sentence.

James was arrested in February on charges that he threw the 1m gator into a Wendy’s last October. He was charged with several felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon.

James told WPTV that he is sorry for throwing the alligator and said it was stupid stunt. He had found the gator by the side of the road.

All the right noises

ENGLAND: Installing a sonic net around airfields could prevent collisions between birds and aircraft, a study suggests.

Researchers believe the device — which emits sounds equal to those of a conversation in a busy restaurant — could save passengers’ lives and billions of pounds in damages.

Professor John Swaddle of the University of Exeter, discovered that filling a controlled area with acoustic noise around an airfield, where the majority of collisions tend to take place, can reduce the number of birds in the area by 80%.

Deer sees the light

USA: A police officer has come to the aid of a wild deer whose head was stuck inside a light globe in a wooded area of suburban New York.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation said one of its officers spotted the deer in the woods in Centereach, 70km east of New York City.

Officer Jeff Hull approached the deer and tried to remove the globe but it slipped out of his hands and the deer ran off. He approached a second time and tossed his coat over the light globe. As the deer pulled back, the globe came free.

Name calling

USA: Call them Hattiesburgers, even if historians are choking on that mouthful. Rick Taylor, who heads tourism efforts in the Mississippi Pine Belt city of Hattiesburg said that name for city residents has won out over other suggestions including ‘Hub Citian’ and ‘Hattiesburgan’.

But at least one local historian finds ‘Hattiesburger’ unappetising. Hattiesburg Area Historical Society member Ursula Jones said city residents have been called Hattieburgans since as early as 1908.

Hippo on the loose

SPAIN: A hippopotamus that escaped from a circus caused traffic chaos when he strolled along a street in the south-western Spanish town of Palos de la Frontera.

A town spokesman said the animal escaped while being transferred from one pen to another, and then wandered out on to a town road.

Videos posted on Twitter show the hippopotamus in the middle of the street, blocking traffic as people tried to attract its attention.

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