QUIRKY WORLD ... Upset lawyer sues restaurant after soup runs out

A Texas lawyer upset that he wasn’t provided a cup of soup during a recent meal has notified a restaurant owner that he’ll sue if not reimbursed the $2.25 (€2) for the soup.
QUIRKY WORLD ... Upset lawyer sues restaurant after soup runs out

Dwain Downing also is seeking $250 in attorney fees for the time spent drafting a letter sent to Benji Arslanovski, who operates Our Place Restaurant in the Fort Worth suburb of Mansfield.

Mr Downing says the soup was listed on the menu as part of a Saturday special. He says the restaurant offered no discount or substitution when it ran out.

The lawyer argued the menu amounts to a contract with the customer and Arslanovski violated the terms of the contract.

But the restaurateur says the menu makes clear the soup comes with a meal “while supplies last”.

Feline returns


A missing cat has finally returned home — six years after vanishing.

Chloe, a tabby and white cat, went missing in 2010 after jumping from a pet carrier when her owner Rebecca Lee took her to the vet in Caerphilly, south Wales.

After living as a stray and being cared for by an elderly woman just over a mile away from her owner’s home, Chloe was eventually handed into Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre, when her new owner was no longer able to take her of her. A routine scan of her microchip meant she could finally be reunited with her owner.

Mrs Lee, who had believed Chloe had died in a road accident, said she was overjoyed to be able to have her back at her home in Caerphilly. She said: “It was a real shock but lovely news to hear that Chloe had been found and was alive and well after so many years.

“Chloe had jumped from the pet carrier in the car park and we never saw her again. I put up posters and placed adverts and shortly after got a call to say a cat matching her description had been found dead by the roadside. I was devastated but came to terms with her death. Unbeknown to me at the time, it seems she had wandered as a stray before eventually finding an elderly lady who had taken her in.”

Bag lady


Flaunting one’s wealth is a popular hobby among Thailand’s well-to-do, but one actress may find it as costly as a few high-fashion handbags.

Pechaya Wattanamontri posted photos of herself on Instagram with nine boxed Hermes handbags that she bought abroad. A video also circulated of her purchasing one of the luxury bags, which cost upwards of £2,000 (€2,566) apiece.

It was not long before people raised a few awkward questions, such as whether she paid the 30% customs duty on them and whether celebrities get special treatment. The Customs Department chief told reporters the actress had been contacted to clarify the matter, and the photos were deleted from Instagram.

Shelling out


A six-year-old boy’s love of sea turtles prompted him to skip his birthday gifts and ask instead for money he could donate to rescue efforts for the animals.

Jasper Rose, of Watertown in Massachusetts, raised $550 for the New England Aquarium’s sea turtle rescue programme, and presented the donation to the aquarium’s president and chief executive Nigella Hillgarth.

An aquarium spokeswoman said Jasper is a frequent visitor with his family, and knows all the names and stories of the sea turtles that live there. He has also written and illustrated a 10-page book about a sea turtle’s adventure.

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