Quirky World: Steak on a silver platter: It’s a dog’s life, really

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Quirky World: Steak on a silver platter: It’s a dog’s life, really

ENGLAND: They may be Britain’s poshest pets, but Queen Elizabeth’s corgis and dorgis know their place at meal time.

The beloved dogs enjoy dishes of steak, rabbit or chicken from their own menus, yet they must follow a strict dinner protocol, with each receiving their dishes in order of seniority.

Dr Roger Mugford described witnessing the dogs’ dinner time at Buckingham Palace for an upcoming special edition of Town & Country dedicated to the queen’s 90th birthday in April and also revealed the monarch ensures her knee-high companions are kept in good health with homeopathic remedies.

Flight of the emu


A homeless emu evaded police in Mississippi for days before officers finally caught it with the help of some barbed wire.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department had been getting calls about a loose emu for days, but each time they tried to catch the flightless bird, it got away.

Deputy chief Scott Mills told The Oxford Eagle it had been a pet, but the owners moved away, and the bird wandered nearly five miles.

Officer Cody Pruitt said a chase ended when the bird got tangled in barbed wire.

He said its neck was merely scratched, so he untangled it, made a leash from rope, and Mounted patrol commander David Misenhelter led the emu into a horse trailer.

Mr Pruitt said a farmer who already had emus agreed to take the bird

Eurovision entry


Ukrainians have chosen a Crimean Tatar singer and her song about the mass deportation of Tatars under Josef Stalin as the country’s entry for this year’s Eurovision song contest.

Susana Jamaladinova, who performs under the stage name Jamala, was chosen on Sunday night by the combined votes of a jury and 380,000 votes from TV viewers.

Her song ‘1944’ refers to the year in which Stalin uprooted Tatars from their homeland and shipped them in badly overcrowded trains to Central Asia; thousands died during the journey or starved to death on the barren steppes after they arrived. They were not allowed to return to Crimea until the 1980s; Jamaladinova was born in Kyrgyzstan. The song is a combination of a mid-tempo pop confection and anguished lyrics.

“When strangers are coming, they come to your house, they kill you all and say ‘We’re not guilty’,” the song begins.

Far-out expansion


The Star Wars expansion at Disney’s US theme parks will include a virtual reality ride that allows fans to pilot the Millennium Falcon, fight in a battle between the Resistance and the First Order, and meet droids and aliens. Harrison Ford and robot droid BB-8 unveiled the first details of the Star Wars Experience during a special on American television celebrating Disneyland’s 60th anniversary called The Wonderful World Of Disney: Disneyland 60.

Computer game-off


The world champion of the ancient Chinese board game Go, South Korean Lee Sedol, has said he will prevail in a match with Google’s computer programme AlphaGo next month.

Mr Lee said he would not rule out being defeated if they face off next year, but in March, he expects a 5-0 or 4-1 victory in his favour.

Computers have surpassed humans in other games, including chess. However, Go is considered the most challenging for artificial intelligence to master because of its intuitive nature and complexity.

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